Research Faculty

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Dinu Florin Albeanu
Neuronal circuits, sensory coding and synaptic plasticity, neuronal correlates of behavior, olfactory processing

Jeremy Borniger
sleep, neuromodulators, cancer neuroscience, homeostasis, host-tumor physiology

Anne Churchland
Decision-making, electrophysiology, sensory processing, vision, audition, neural computation, modeling, behavior

Alexander Dobin
Computational genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, gene regulation, big data, precision medicine

Camila dos Santos
Breast cancer, mammary gland development, stem cells, enhancer biology, gene regulation

Mikala Egeblad
Tumor microenvironment, intravital imaging, tumor-associated myeloid cells, breast cancer

Tatiana Engel
Neural dynamics and computation, neural circuit models, machine learning, stochastic processes, dynamical systems theory, decision-making, attention

Douglas Fearon
Cancer immunology, pancreatic cancer, mouse models

Hiro Furukawa
Membrane proteins, x-ray crystallography, electrophysiology, neurodegenerative disease

Jesse Gillis
Co-expression, meta-analysis, single cell expression, gene networks, multifunctionality

Thomas Gingeras
Genome-wide organization of transcription and the functional roles of non-protein coding RNAs

Christopher Hammell
Post-transcriptional gene regulation, control of animal developmental timing, RNA biology

Molly Hammell
Gene regulatory networks, integrated genomic analysis, bioinformatics, RNA biology, small RNAs

Z. Josh Huang
Development and function of the GABAergic inhibitory circuitry in neocortex, cortical circuits, mouse genetics, developmental plasticity, neurogenomics, autism

Ivan Iossifov
Computational biology, molecular networks, human genetics, human disease, applied statistical and machine learning, biomedical text-mining, molecular evolution

David Jackson
Plant development, stem cell signaling, genomics and imaging

Tobias Janowitz
Host response to cancer, metabolism, immunology, cancer immunotherapy, cachexia and physiology of patients with cancer

Leemor Joshua-Tor
Structural biology, nucleic acid regulation, RNAi, molecular recognition, X-ray crystallography

Justin Kinney
Sequence-function relationships, machine learning, biophysics, transcriptional regulation

Peter Koo
sequence-function relationships, deep learning, representation learning

Alexei Koulakov
Theoretical neurobiology, quantitative principles of cortical design, computer science, applied mathematics

Adrian R. Krainer
Posttranscriptional control of gene expression, pre-mRNA splicing mechanisms, fidelity and genetic diseases, alternative splicing, RNA-protein interactions, cancer

Alexander Krasnitz
In silico genomics of cancer, single-cell genomics, early detection of cancer, inference from noisy biological data

Je H. Lee
Single-cell, in situ RNA-seq, non-coding RNA, spatial genomics, cancer microenvironment, pancreatic cancer

Dan Levy
Computational biology, human genetics, phylogenetics, copy number variation

Bo Li
Synapse, physiology and plasticity, neural circuits, fear processing, reward processing, rodent behaviors related to mental disorders

Zachary Lippman
Plant developmental genetics, mechanisms of phase transitions for flowering time and inflorescence branching, heterosis

Michael Lukey
cancer, metastasis, metabolism, nutrition, cellular signal transduction, redox, homeostatsis, epigenetics

Robert Martienssen
Plant genetics, transposons, development, gene regulation, DNA methylation

David McCandlish
Computational biology, sequence-function relationships, population genetics, protein evolution, machine learning

W. Richard McCombie
Genomics of psychiatric disorders, genomics of cancer, computational genomics, plant genomics

Alea A. Mills
Cancer, development, aging, senescence, epigenetics

Partha P. Mitra
Neuroscience, theoretical biology

Saket Navlakha
algorithms in nature, biological computation, neural circuits, plant architectures

Pavel Osten
Neurobiology of autism and schizophrenia, gene expression-based mapping of brain activity, anatomical mapping of brain connectivity, high throughput microscopy

Ullas Pedmale
Plant growth, signaling, genomics, development, plant-environment interactions

Stephen Shea
Olfaction, audition, communication behaviors, in vivo electrophysiology, individual recognition

Adam Siepel
Computational biology, population genetics, computational genomics, molecular evolution, gene regulation

David L. Spector
Cell biology, gene expression, nuclear structure, microscopy, non-coding RNAs

Bruce Stillman
Cancer, cell cycle, DNA replication, chromatin assembly, biochemistry, yeast genetics

Jessica Tollkuhn
Transcriptional regulation, chromatin, critical periods in neurodevelopment, steroid hormones and behavior

Nicholas Tonks
Posttranslational modification, phosphorylation, phosphatases, signal transduction, protein structure and function

Lloyd Trotman
Cancer modeling and treatment, senescence and tumor progression, cancer visualization, PTEN regulation

David Tuveson
Pancreatic cancer, experimental therapeutics, diagnostics, mouse models, cancer genetics

Christopher Vakoc
Chromatin, transcriptional regulation, acute myeloid leukemia, BET bromodomains, lysine methyltransferases

Linda Van Aelst
Signal transduction, Ras and Rho proteins, tumorigenesis, neural development and disorders

Doreen Ware
Genomics, genome evolution, genetic diversity, gene regulation, plant biology, computational biology

Michael Wigler
Human genetic disorders, population genetics, cancer genomics

Anthony Zador
Neural circuits, sensory processing, attention and decision making, attention, molecular tool development, connectomics