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Size and Reach: 2021

Operating Budget: $177 million | Annual Research Budget: $125 million | Endowment: $810 million


Faculty & research staff: 85
Postdoctoral fellows: 150
Graduate students: 105
Total research staff: 600
Total employees & students: 1,000

Meetings & Courses Program

Virtual participants: 14,600
Abstracts: 5,000
Countries represented: 70

School of Biological Sciences (SBS)

SBS graduate students: 54
Other graduate students: 44
Enrolled/applications: 8/550

DNA Learning Center (virtual and in-person)

Program participants: 20,000
Student lab sessions: 17,000
Teacher workshops & seminars: 700
Teaching facilities: 4
App, website & YouTube views: 7.6 million
YouTube visits: 4.6 million

CSHL Press

Books: 279 print; 97 eBooks
Copies sold: 12,120+
Journals: 9
Journal subscriptions: 2,000+
Journal article downloads: 21.1 million


New bioRxiv preprints posted: 36,865
87 million abstract views
21 million full-text views
38 million PDF downloads

New medRxiv preprints posted: 12,738
71 million abstract views
9.4 million full-text views
24 million PDF downloads

Main Campus
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Long Island Facilities:
Banbury Conference Center
DNA Learning Center
Woodbury Genome Research Center
McClintock Meadows
Uplands Farm

NYC Facilities:
DNA Learning Center Harlem
DNALC NYC at City Tech, Brooklyn

China Facilities: Suzhou Industrial Park
CSH Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference Center
DNA Learning Center Asia

Year-end 2021

CSHL Fact Sheet

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