Tobias Janowitz

Tobias Janowitz

Assistant Professor
Cancer Center Member

M.D., Ph.D., University of Cambridge, UK, 2007

janowitz@cshl.edu | 516-367-8422

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Cancer is a systemic disease. Using both laboratory and clinical research, my group investigates the connections between metabolism, endocrinology, and immunology to discover how the body’s response to a tumor can be used to improve treatment for patients with cancer.

How do tumors interact with the biology of the host system? What can we learn from studying the physiology and biochemistry of the host system in the context of cancer? These are principle questions that drive the research in my laboratory. For example, we investigate the convergence of systemic metabolic stress, endocrinology, and suppressed anti-cancer immunity to discover mechanism-based strategies for combination therapy for patients with cancer. We have shown that interleukin-6 induced metabolic stress is sufficient to downregulate hepatic ketogenesis. This causes significant systemic stress during periods of caloric deficiency that are often part of the cancer care pathway. The resulting elevation of glucocorticoids suppresses anti-tumor immunity in model systems of pancreatic cancer. Using clinical samples and data, we have shown correlative findings of weight loss, reduced ketogenesis, and elevated glucocorticoids in patients with pancreatic cancer. Our work, therefore, confirms that cancer cannot be understood and probably not be treated, by investigating tumors in isolation. We use findings like these to develop strategies for interventional studies with the aim to improve outcome for patients with cancer.

Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist Award
Wellcome Trust Translational Medicine and Therapeutics Academic Clinical Lectureship
Boehringer Ingelheim Fond PhD Fellowship
German National Merit Scholarship

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Selected Publications

Cancer: The Tumor-Driven Disease of the Host

3 Jul 2018 | Cell Metabolism | 28(1):5-6
Janowitz, T

A type III complement factor D deficiency: Structural insights for inhibition of the alternative pathway

Jul 2018 | Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology | 142(1):311-314.e6
Sng, C, O'Byrne, S, Prigozhin, D, Bauer, M, Harvey, J, Ruhle, M, Challis, B, Lear, S, Roberts, L, Workman, S, Janowitz, T, Magiera, L, Doffinger, R, Buckland, M, Jodrell, D, Semple, R, Wilson, T, Modis, Y, Thaventhiran, J

Rapid disease progression in a patient with mismatch repair-deficient and cortisol secreting adrenocortical carcinoma treated with pembrolizumab

21 Jun 2018 | Seminars in Oncology
Casey, R, Giger, O, Seetho, I, Marker, A, Pitfield, D, Boyle, L, Gurnell, M, Shaw, A, Tischowitz, M, Maher, E, Chatterjee, V, Janowitz, T, Mells, G, Corrie, P, Challis, B

A comparative analysis of immune privilege in pregnancy and cancer in the context of checkpoint blockade immunotherapy

26 Mar 2018 | Seminars in Oncology
Flint, T, Jones, J, Ferrer, M, Colucci, F, Janowitz, T

Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Underutilize Immune Response Monitoring

Jan 2018 | The Oncologist | 23(1):116-117
Connell, C, Raby, S, Beh, I, Flint, T, Williams, E, Fearon, D, Jodrell, D, Janowitz, T

All Publications

CRISPR-induced exon skipping of β-catenin reveals tumorigenic mutants driving distinct subtypes of liver cancer

15 Jan 2023 | Journal of Pathology
Mou, Haiwei, Eskiocak, Onur, Özler, Kadir, Gorman, Megan, Yue, Junjiayu, Jin, Ying, Wang, Zhikai, Gao, Ya, Janowitz, Tobias, Meyer, Hannah, Yu, Tianxiong, Wilkinson, John, Kucukural, Alper, Ozata, Deniz, Beyaz, Semir

Area postrema neurons mediate interleukin-6 function in cancer-associated cachexia

14 Jan 2023 | bioRxiv
Sun, Qingtao, van de Lisdonk, Daniëlle, Ferrer, Miriam, Gegenhuber, Bruno, Wu, Melody, Tollkuhn, Jessica, Janowitz, Tobias, Li, Bo

Cystatin C is associated with adverse COVID-19 outcomes in diverse populations

Oct 2022 | iScience | 25(10):105040
Kleeman, Sam, Cordioli, Mattia, Timmers, Paul, Khan, Atlas, Tober-Lau, Pinkus, Kurth, Florian, Demichev, Vadim, Meyer, Hannah, Wilson, James, Ralser, Markus, Kiryluk, Krzysztof, Ganna, Andrea, Baillie, Kenneth, Janowitz, Tobias

Neurotensin neurons in the extended amygdala control dietary choice and energy homeostasis

20 Oct 2022 | Nature Neuroscience
Furlan, Alessandro, Corona, Alberto, Boyle, Sara, Sharma, Radhashree, Rubino, Rachel, Habel, Jill, Gablenz, Eva, Giovanniello, Jacqueline, Beyaz, Semir, Janowitz, Tobias, Shea, Stephen, Li, Bo

PTP1B inhibitors protect against acute lung injury and regulate CXCR4 signaling in neutrophils

22 Jul 2022 | JCI Insight | 7(14):e158199
Song, Dongyan, Adrover, Jose, Felice, Christy, Christensen, Lisa, He, Xue-Yan, Merrill, Joseph, Wilkinson, John, Janowitz, Tobias, Lyons, Scott, Egeblad, Mikala, Tonks, Nicholas

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