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Administrative Departments

Business Development & Technology Transfer
Andrew Whiteley
Vice President
Phone: 516-367-8301
Email: techtran@cshl.edu

Culinary Services
James Hope
Phone: 516-367-8814
Email: hope@cshl.edu

Charles V. Prizzi
Vice President for Advancement & Special Advisor to President
Phone: 516-367-6961
Email: prizzi@cshl.edu

Gerry Holler
Director of Security
Phone: 516-367-8817
Email: holler@cshl.edu

Finance & Accounting
Lari C. Russo
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 516-367-8446
Email: russol@cshl.edu

Human Resources
Katherine G. Raftery
Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Phone: 516-367-6984
Email: raftery@cshl.edu

Information Technology
Hans-Erik Aronson
Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Phone: 516-367-5161
Email: aronson@cshl.edu

Debra Arenare, J.D.
Vice President, General Counsel
Phone: 516-367-6995
Email: legal@cshl.edu

Library & Archives
Ludmila T. Pollock
Executive Director
Phone: 516-367-6872 or 516-367-5020
Email: pollock@cshl.edu

Michael Marchesiello
Vice President
Phone: 516-367-6905
Email: marchesiello@cshl.edu

Public Affairs
Dagnia Zeidlickis
Vice President, Communications
Phone: 516-367-8455
Email: zeidlick@cshl.edu

Sponsored Programs/Grants
Walter L. Goldschmidts, Ph.D.
Vice President, Executive Director
Phone: 516-367-6835
Email: goldschm@cshl.edu