Ivan Iossifov

Ivan Iossifov

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia University, 2008

iossifov@cshl.edu | 516-367-6947

Faculty Profile

Every gene has a job to do, but genes rarely act alone. Biologists have built models of molecular interaction networks that represent the complex relationships between thousands of different genes. I am using computational approaches to help define these relationships, work that is helping us to understand the causes of common diseases including autism, bipolar disorder, and cancer.

Ivan Iossifov focuses on the development of new methods and tools for genomic sequence analysis and for building and using molecular networks, and he applies them to specific biomedical problems. He studies the genetics of common diseases in humans using two main tools: next-generation sequencing and molecular networks representing functional relationships among genetic loci. These approaches in combination enable the kind of large-scale studies necessary for furthering our understanding of the complex etiology of disorders such as autism, bipolar disorder, and cancer.

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