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Women’s Partnership for Science

Begun in 2002, CSHL’s annual Women’s Partnership for Science lectures and luncheons promote and support women pursuing careers in biomedical research with over $500,000 raised for women students, postdocs and professors. We are proud of our women Nobel laureates, Barbara McClintock in 1983 for her discovery of mobile genetic elements, and CSHL alumna Carol Greider in 2009 for co-discovering the role of telomeres and telomerase in chromosome protection.

Marilyn Simons, Dr. Bruce Stillman, Jamie NichollsCSHL’s Women’s Partnership for Science
Saturday, September 28, 2019
Featuring Dr. Mikala Egeblad, Associate Professor at CSHL

We are pleased to acknowledge our 2018 co-chairs:

Elizabeth Ainslie, Lori Bahnik, Barbara Callaghan, Bernadette Castro, Michele Celestino, Susan Cohen, Carolyn Gero, Ashley Jostrom, Carissa Jordan, Laureen Knutsen, Mickie Nagel, Jamie C. Nicholls, Kristin Olson, Whitney Posillico, Lonnie Shoff, Dr. Marilyn Simons, Hope Smith, Cynthia Stebbins, Mary Striano, Marjorie van de Stouwe, M.D.

For more information about fundraising events, please call Bridgette Johnson at (516) 367-6808.