David Jackson

David Jackson


Ph.D., University of East Anglia, 1991

jacksond@cshl.edu | 516-367-8467

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My lab studies genes and signals in cells that regulate the growth and shape of plants. We have discovered several genes that control plant architecture by exerting an influence on stem cells. By identifying the genes that control the number of stem cells in corn plants, for example, we’ve discovered a means of boosting the yield of that vital staple.

David Jackson and colleagues study genes and signals that regulate plant growth and architecture. They are investigating a unique way in which plant cells communicate, by transporting regulatory proteins via small channels called plasmodesmata. These channels, which direct the flow of nutrients and signals through growing tissues, are regulated during development. The team discovered a gene encoding a chaperonin, CCT8, that controls the transport of a transcription factor SHOOTMERISTEMLESS (STM) between cells in the plant stem cell niche, or meristem. STM is critical for stem cell maintenance, and studies of the CCT8 gene indicate that movement of STM between cells is required for this function. The lab also continues to identify other genes that control plant architecture through effects on stem cell maintenance and identity, and their work has implications for crop yields. Recent examples include discovery of a subunit of a heterotrimeric G protein that is conserved throughout animals and plants, and their studies indicate that this gene controls stem cell proliferation. They have found that in plants, the G protein interacts with a completely different class of receptors than in animals. Their discovery helps to explain how signaling from diverse receptors is achieved in plants. This year, they also demonstrated that weak mutations in one of the receptor proteins can enhance seed production in maize, which could lead to yield increases. Separately, the lab has characterized system-wide networks of gene expression, using “next-gen” profiling and chromatin immunoprecipitation methods that have revealed many new hypotheses in developmental networks controlling inflorescence development. They are also developing a collection of maize lines that can drive expression of any reporter or experimental gene in any tissue type—tools of great interest to maize researchers that are being made available to the broader scientific community, enabling experiments never before possible in crop plants.

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A Forward Genetic Approach to Identify Plasmodesmal Trafficking Regulators Based on Trichome Rescue

30 Mar 2022 | Methods in Molecular Biology | 2457:393-407
Kitagawa, Munenori, Jackson, David

Convergent selection of a WD40 protein that enhances grain yield in maize and rice

25 Mar 2022 | Science | 375(6587):eabg7985
Chen, Wenkang, Chen, Lu, Zhang, Xuan, Yang, Ning, Guo, Jianghua, Wang, Min, Ji, Shenghui, Zhao, Xiangyu, Yin, Pengfei, Cai, Lichun, Xu, Jing, Zhang, Lili, Han, Yingjia, Xiao, Yingni, Xu, Gen, Wang, Yuebin, Wang, Shuhui, Wu, Sheng, Yang, Fang, Jackson, David, Cheng, Jinkui, Chen, Saihua, Sun, Chuanqing, Qin, Feng, Tian, Feng, Fernie, Alisdair, Li, Jiansheng, Yan, Jianbing, Yang, Xiaohong

An RNA exosome subunit mediates cell-to-cell trafficking of a homeobox mRNA via plasmodesmata

14 Jan 2022 | Science | 375(6577):177-182
Kitagawa, Munenori, Wu, Peipei, Balkunde, Rachappa, Cunniff, Patrick, Jackson, David

Recruitment of an ancient branching program to suppress carpel development in maize flowers

11 Jan 2022 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA | 119(2):e2115871119
Klein, Harry, Gallagher, Joseph, Demesa-Arevalo, Edgar, Abraham-Juárez, María, Heeney, Michelle, Feil, Regina, Lunn, John, Xiao, Yuguo, Chuck, George, Whipple, Clinton, Jackson, David, Bartlett, Madelaine

The Impact of Fasciation on Maize Inflorescence Architecture

4 Jan 2022 | Journal of Plant Biology
Kim, Da, Jeong, Jin-hee, Kang, Yu, Park, Young-Hoon, Lee, Yong-Jae, Kang, Jum-soon, Choi, Young-Whan, Son, Beung-Gu, Kim, Sun, Jackson, Dave, Je, Byoung

Maize genetics, genomics, and sustainable improvement

1 Jan 2022 | Molecular Breeding: new strategies in plant improvement | 42(1)
Jackson, D, Tian, F, Zhang, Z

Glutaredoxins regulate maize inflorescence meristem development via redox control of TGA transcriptional activity

14 Dec 2021 | Nature Plants
Yang, R, Xu, F, Wang, Y, Zhong, W, Dong, L, Shi, Y, Tang, T, Sheng, H, Jackson, D, Yang, F

Ground tissue circuitry regulates organ complexity in maize and Setaria

3 Dec 2021 | Science | 374(6572):1247-1252
Ortiz-Ramírez, Carlos, Guillotin, Bruno, Xu, Xiaosa, Rahni, Ramin, Zhang, Sanqiang, Yan, Zhe, Coqueiro Dias Araujo, Poliana, Demesa-Arevalo, Edgar, Lee, Laura, Van Eck, Joyce, Gingeras, Thomas, Jackson, David, Gallagher, Kimberly, Birnbaum, Kenneth

An ethylene biosynthesis enzyme controls quantitative variation in maize ear length and kernel yield.

5 Oct 2021 | Nature Communications | 12(1):5832
Ning, Qiang, Jian, Yinan, Du, Yanfang, Li, Yunfu, Shen, Xiaomeng, Jia, Haitao, Zhao, Ran, Zhan, Jimin, Yang, Fang, Jackson, David, Liu, Lei, Zhang, Zuxin

Next generation cereal crop yield enhancement: From knowledge of inflorescence development to practical engineering by genome editing

2 May 2021 | International Journal of Molecular Sciences | 22(10):5167
Liu, L, Lindsay, P, Jackson, D

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