David Tuveson

David Tuveson

Roy J. Zuckerberg Professor of Cancer Research
Cancer Center Director

M.D., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1994

dtuveson@cshl.edu | 516-367-5246

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Pancreatic cancer is an extremely lethal malignancy. On average, patients who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer succumb to the disease within 6 months. Research is the only way to defeat pancreatic cancer. My lab is making progress toward finding a cure by detecting the disease earlier and designing novel therapeutic approaches.

David Tuveson’s laboratory uses murine and human models of pancreatic cancer to explore the fundamental biology of malignancy and thereby identify new diagnostic and treatment strategies. The lab’s approaches run the gamut from designing new model systems of disease to developing new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches for rapid evaluation in preclinical and clinical settings. The lab’s studies make use of organoid cultures—three-dimensional cultures of normal or cancerous epithelia—as ex vivo models to probe cancer biology. Current projects in the lab explore changes in redox metabolism associated with pancreatic cancer tumorigenesis, dissect signaling by the Ras oncogene, discover new biomarkers of early pancreas cancer, and identify mechanisms of cross-talk between pancreatic cancer cells and the tumor stroma. Novel treatment approaches suggested by these studies are then tested by performing therapeutic experiments in mouse models. To dissect molecular changes associated with pancreatic tumorigenesis, the Tuveson lab has generated a large collection of human patient-derived organoid models. By measuring the therapeutic sensitivities of patient-derived organoids, the lab is working to identify novel strategies to treat patients as well as markers of therapeutic response. The Tuveson Laboratory maintains strong links to clinical research, and the ultimate goal is confirmation of preclinical findings in early-phase trials. Collectively, the lab’s bench-to-bedside approach is codified as the “Cancer Therapeutics Initiative,” and this initiative will provide these same approaches to the entire CSHL cancer community.

Dr. Tuveson serves as Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cancer Center and the Chief Scientist for the Lustgarten Foundation.

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Selected Publications

Suppression of tumor-associated neutrophils by lorlatinib attenuates pancreatic cancer growth and improves treatment with immune checkpoint blockade.

7 Jun 2021 | Nature Communications | 12(1):3414
Nielsen, Sebastian, Strøbech, Jan, Horton, Edward, Jackstadt, Rene, Laitala, Anu, Bravo, Marina, Maltese, Giorgia, Jensen, Adina, Reuten, Raphael, Rafaeva, Maria, Karim, Saadia, Hwang, Chang-Il, Arnes, Luis, Tuveson, David, Sansom, Owen, Morton, Jennifer, Erler, Janine

Oncogenic KRAS engages an RSK1/NF1 pathway to inhibit wild-type RAS signaling in pancreatic cancer.

25 May 2021 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA | 118(21):e2016904118
Cheng, Derek, Oni, Tobiloba, Thalappillil, Jennifer, Park, Youngkyu, Ting, Hsiu-Chi, Alagesan, Brinda, Prasad, Nadia, Addison, Kenneth, Rivera, Keith, Pappin, Darryl, Van Aelst, Linda, Tuveson, David

Inhibition of Hedgehog Signaling Alters Fibroblast Composition in Pancreatic Cancer.

1 Apr 2021 | Clinical Cancer Research | 27(7):2023-2037
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Fighting the Sixth Decade of the Cancer War with Better Cancer Models.

Apr 2021 | Cancer Discovery | 11(4):801-804
Tuveson, David

Diversity and Biology of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts.

1 Jan 2021 | Physiological Reviews | 101(1):147-176
Biffi, Giulia, Tuveson, David

All Publications

Myo-differentiation reporter screen reveals NF-Y as an activator of PAX3-FOXO1 in rhabdomyosarcoma

5 Sep 2023 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA | 120(36):e2303859120
Sroka, Martyna, Skopelitis, Damianos, Vermunt, Marit, Preall, Jonathan, El Demerdash, Osama, de Almeida, Larissa, Chang, Kenneth, Utama, Raditya, Gryder, Berkley, Caligiuri, Giuseppina, Ren, Diqiu, Nalbant, Benan, Milazzo, Joseph, Tuveson, David, Dobin, Alexander, Hiebert, Scott, Stengel, Kristy, Mantovani, Roberto, Khan, Javed, Kohli, Rahul, Shi, Junwei, Blobel, Gerd, Vakoc, Christopher

ICGC ARGO precision medicine: genomic profiling-informed prediction of immunotherapy response in two patients with metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Aug 2023 | The Lancet Oncology | 24(8):851-853
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Splicing Factor SRSF1 Promotes Pancreatitis and KRASG12D-Mediated Pancreatic Cancer

7 Jul 2023 | Cancer Discovery | 13(7):1678-1695
Wan, Ledong, Lin, Kuan-Ting, Rahman, Mohammad, Ishigami, Yuma, Wang, Zhikai, Jensen, Mads, Wilkinson, John, Park, Youngkyu, Tuveson, David, Krainer, Adrian

A TEAD2-Driven Endothelial-Like Program Shapes Basal-Like Differentiation and Metastasis of Pancreatic Cancer.

Jul 2023 | Gastroenterology | 165(1):133-148.e17
Yoo, Hye-Been, Moon, Jin, Kim, Hwa-Ryeon, Lee, Hee, Miyabayashi, Koji, Park, Chan, Ge, Sabrina, Zhang, Amy, Tae, Yoo, Sub, Yujin, Park, Hyun-Woo, Gee, Heon, Notta, Faiyaz, Tuveson, David, Bang, Seungmin, Kim, Mi-Young, Roe, Jae-Seok

Inhibition of mitochondrial metabolism by (-)-jerantinine A: synthesis and biological studies in triple-negative breast cancer cells.

26 Apr 2023 | MedChemComm | 14(4):710-714
Gialelis, Timothy, Wang, Zifei, Homer, Joshua, Yang, Wen-Hsuan, Chung, Taemoon, Hu, Qingting, Smedley, Christopher, Pawar, Nitin, Upadhyay, Nitinkumar, Tuveson, David, Lyons, Scott, Lukey, Michael, Moses, John

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