Core Facilities

Innovative research relies on a constantly evolving set of technologies. At CSHL, these essential resources are housed within our Core Facilities, which provide all researchers with access to the latest technology and expertise. These Cores are fast, reliable, and cost-effective, offering in-house support that can be customized and collaborative to spur the development of novel technological applications and creative research.

Funding for nine resources is provided in part by the NCI-designated CSHL Cancer Center. Learn more about what CSHL Core Facilities offer below.

Animal Facility Animal   MAPseq/BARseq
Animal Tissue Imaging Animal & Tissue Imaging   Mass Spectrometry
  Antibody & Phage Display   Microscopy
  Bioinformatics Neuroimaging and Behavior icon Neuroimaging and Behavior
cryo EM Cryo EM image of organoid icon Organoid
enzyme & reagents Enzyme & Reagents   Sequencing Technologies and Analysis
 Flow Cytometry image of single-cell biology icon Single-Cell Biology
  Functional Genomics tissue culture Tissue Culture
machine shop Machine Shop