Arkarup Banerjee

Arkarup Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., CSHL School of Biological Sciences, 2016

abanerjee@cshl.edu | 516-367-6878

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During a conversation, our brain must interpret what we hear and control our vocal response. How does the brain transform these auditory sensations into action? My laboratory uses singing mice as a model system to investigate the neural circuits in the brain that underlie vocal communication in mammals.

Social animals must interact with each other to cooperate and compete. Using sounds for such interactions is common across many taxa. Humans engaged in conversation, for example, take rapid turns to go back and forth–a feat that most of us tend to perform effortlessly, but which breaks down during neuropsychiatric disorders. Our understanding of neural circuits that underlie vocal communication, especially in mammals, remains quite rudimentary. Recently, we have discovered that a neo-tropical rodent, Alston’s singing mouse, engages in fast vocal interactions, even under laboratory settings. The Banerjee lab, using this novel model system, seeks to pursue two complementary questions. First, how does the auditory system interact with the motor system to generate the sensorimotor loop required for vocal communication? Second, what are the neural circuit modifications that allow behavioral novelty to emerge during evolution? Various rodent species exhibit marked differences in vocal behaviors. Genes that determine such behavioral differences, for example between the singing mouse and the lab mouse, must act via neural circuits within the brain. Yet, the structural and functional changes in the brain that specify the distinct vocal repertoires across related species remain unknown. Research in the lab combines cutting-edge systems neuroscience and comparative evolutionary analyses of neural circuitry across rodent species to bridge this knowledge-gap.

2017 Selected as a Junior Fellow at the Simons Foundation Society of Fellows, NY.
2016 National Science Foundation Travel Award, AREADNE conference, Santorini, Greece.
2015 Best Talk at the Graduate Student Symposium, CSHL, USA.
2007 Karyn Kupcinet International Summer Fellowship, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

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Discover Magazine: These Singing Mice Take Turns During Duets, Offering Insights into Human Speech
ARS Technica: Singing mice could offer clues about how human brains manage conversation

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Selected Publications

A non-canonical feedforward pathway for computing odor identity

27 Jan 2021 | bioRxiv
Banerjee, Arkarup, Chae, Honggoo, Albeanu, D

Motor cortical control of vocal interaction in neotropical singing mice

1 Mar 2019 | Science | 363(6430):983-+
Jr, Okobi, Banerjee, Arkarup, Matheson, Andrew, Phelps, Steven, Long, Michael

Long-range interactions between short axon cells and external tufted cells gate glomerular output in the mouse olfactory bulb

1 Jul 2017 | Neuron | 87(1):193-207
Banerjee, Arkarup, Marbach, F, Anselmi, Francesca, Koh, Matthew, Davis, Martin, Garcia da Silva, P, Delevich, K, Oyibo, Hassana, Gupta, Priyanka, Li, Bo, Albeanu, Dinu

Ready, Steady, Go! Imaging Cortical Activity during Movement Planning and Executio

17 May 2017 | Neuron | 94(4):698-700
Banerjee, Arkarup, Long, Michael

All Publications

Temporal scaling of motor cortical dynamics reveals hierarchical control of vocal production

30 Jan 2024 | Nature Neuroscience
Banerjee, Arkarup, Chen, Feng, Druckmann, Shaul, Long, Michael

Neural dynamics in the rodent motor cortex enables flexible control of vocal timing

23 Jan 2023 | bioRxiv
Banerjee, Arkarup, Chen, Feng, Druckmann, Shaul, Long, Michael

Long-range functional loops in the mouse olfactory system and their roles in computing odor identity

26 Sep 2022 | Neuron | :S0896-6273(22)00810
Chae, Honggoo, Banerjee, Arkarup, Dussauze, Marie, Albeanu, Dinu

Convergent behavioral strategies and neural computations during vocal turn-taking across diverse species

31 Mar 2022 | Current Opinion in Neurobiology | 73:102529
Banerjee, Arkarup, Vallentin, Daniela

Using focal cooling to link neural dynamics and behavior.

19 Jun 2021 | Neuron
Banerjee, Arkarup, Egger, Robert, Long, Michael

Singing mice

18 Mar 2019 | Current Biology | 29(6):R190-R191
Banerjee, Arkarup, Phelps, Steven, Long, Michael

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