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Our innovative doctoral program includes the following key features:

  • Approximately four to five years from matriculation to Ph.D.
  • A broad representation of the biological sciences
  • A first year with course work and laboratory rotations in separate phases
  • Emphasis on the principles of scientific reasoning and logic as well as the importance of ethics and effective communication
  • Continued advanced course instruction throughout the graduate curriculum
  • Extensive mentoring and support in large part through our “two-tier” mentoring program


Alexander Gann

Message from Dean Alexander Gann

Welcome to the Watson School of Biological Sciences....

A science writer’s quest to understand heredity

A science writer’s quest to understand heredity

May 30, 2018

LabDish spoke with science writer Carl Zimmer about what he learned about heredity as he zig-zagged through CSHL while writing his new book...

How the mouse got its stripes

How the mouse got its stripes

March 22, 2018

Dr. Hopi Hoekstra, Prof. of Zoology, Harvard University, spoke at the 21st Gavin G. Borden lecture about how the African striped mouse got is stripes...