Gabrielle Pouchelon

Gabrielle Pouchelon

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Geneva – Switzerland, 2013

pouchel@cshl.edu | 516-367-5290

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Perception and comprehension of the outside world are rooted in our neocortex. How do neurons specialize during development to form complex and very specific circuits to integrating sensory-motor information in adults? My group is interested in the interplay between environmental cues and molecular programs in the assembly of neural circuits.

During development, environmental factors can affect the penetrance of genetic susceptibility to neuropsychiatric disease. Indeed, sensory experience and molecular programs have been shown to synergistically regulate neuronal maturation.

Neurons in the neocortex receive activity through long range presynaptic inputs that communicate information from the environment. In particular, sensory inputs to cortical sensory areas regulate the excitatory/inhibitory balance during development. However, excitatory and inhibitory neurons appear to be differentially affected by external cues. What is the role of input-specific developmental activity and what are the downstream molecular effectors in distinct cell-types? In addition, as development progresses, not only sensory activity, but other early postnatal environmental cues or stress are conveyed to the neocortex. Do these modulators shape neural circuits and how?

My group aims to study the interplay between sensory and neuromodulatory inputs and genetic programs of circuit maturation, using a combination of approaches from physiology to mouse genetics and genomics. More specifically, we are interested in parsing out the origin of the various dysfunctions in neurodevelopmental disorders. More, specifically, we focus on the differential vulnerability and contribution of distinct neuron-types and their inputs in autism disorder models.

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Metabotropic Signaling within Somatostatin Interneurons Regulates Thalamocortical Inputs During Development

2023 | Elsevier BV
Dwivedi, Deepanjali, Dumontier, Dimitri, Sherer, Mia, Lin, Sherry, Mirow, Andrea, Qiu, Yanjie, Xu, Qing, Liebman, Sam, Joseph, Djeckby, Datta, Sandeep, Fishell, Gord, Pouchelon, Gabrielle

A versatile viral toolkit for functional discovery in the nervous system.

20 Jun 2022 | Cell Reports: Methods | 2(6):100225
Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Vergara, Josselyn, McMahon, Justin, Gorissen, Bram, Lin, Jessica, Vormstein-Schneider, Douglas, Niehaus, Jason, Burbridge, Timothy, Wester, Jason, Sherer, Mia, Fernandez-Otero, Marian, Allaway, Kathryn, Pelkey, Kenneth, Chittajallu, Ramesh, McBain, Chris, Fan, Melina, Nasse, Jason, Wildenberg, Gregg, Fishell, Gordon, Dimidschstein, Jordane

The organization and development of cortical interneuron presynaptic circuits are area specific.

9 Nov 2021 | Cell Reports | 37(6):109993
Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Dwivedi, Deepanjali, Bollmann, Yannick, Agba, Chimuanya, Xu, Qing, Mirow, Andrea, Kim, Sehyun, Qiu, Yanjie, Sevier, Elaine, Ritola, Kimberly, Cossart, Rosa, Fishell, Gord

Bottom-up inputs are required for establishment of top-down connectivity onto cortical layer 1 neurogliaform cells

3 Nov 2021 | Neuron | 109(21):3473-3485.e5
Ibrahim, Leena, Huang, Shuhan, Fernandez-Otero, Marian, Sherer, Mia, Qiu, Yanjie, Vemuri, Spurti, Xu, Qing, Machold, Robert, Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Rudy, Bernardo, Fishell, Gord

A transient postnatal quiescent period precedes emergence of mature cortical dynamics.

23 Jul 2021 | eLife | 10
Domínguez, Soledad, Ma, Liang, Yu, Han, Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Mayer, Christian, Spyropoulos, George, Cea, Claudia, Buzsáki, György, Fishell, Gordon, Khodagholy, Dion, Gelinas, Jennifer

Input-dependent regulation of excitability controls dendritic maturation in somatosensory thalamocortical neurons

8 Dec 2017 | Nature Communications | 8(1):2015
Frangeul, Laura, Kehayas, Vassilis, Sanchez-Mut, Jose, Fièvre, Sabine, Krishna-K, K, Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Telley, Ludovic, Bellone, Camilla, Holtmaat, Anthony, Gräff, Johannes, Macklis, Jeffrey, Jabaudon, Denis

A cross-modal genetic framework for the development and plasticity of sensory pathways

6 Oct 2016 | Nature | 538(7623):96-98
Frangeul, Laura, Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Telley, Ludovic, Lefort, Sandrine, Luscher, Christian, Jabaudon, Denis

Modality-specific thalamocortical inputs instruct the identity of postsynaptic L4 neurons

24 Jul 2014 | Nature | 511(7510):471-474
Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Gambino, Frédéric, Bellone, Camilla, Telley, Ludovic, Vitali, Ilaria, Lüscher, Christian, Holtmaat, Anthony, Jabaudon, Denis

Retinal input directs the recruitment of inhibitory interneurons into thalamic visual circuits

5 Mar 2014 | Neuron | 81(5):1057-1069
Golding, Bruno, Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Bellone, Camilla, Murthy, Sahana, Di Nardo, Ariel, Govindan, Subashika, Ogawa, Masahuro, Shimogori, Tomomi, Lüscher, Christian, Dayer, Alexandre, Jabaudon, Denis

Nurturing the cortex's thalamic nature

Apr 2014 | Current Opinion in Neurology | 27(2):142-148
Pouchelon, Gabrielle, Jabaudon, Denis

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