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Postdoc Resources

CSHL has a strong commitment to educating and nurturing scientists. We do this through a variety of initiatives, including:

CSHL Fellows Program
CSHL Fellows direct their own research program under the guidance of a senior faculty member. They have their own laboratory space and technician, as well as access to all of the resources of the Laboratory.

Postdoctoral Research
Postdoctoral researchers are an integral part of the discovery process at CSHL. We employ more than 150 postdocs, who work in the labs of all our principal investigators.

Meetings & Courses
Nearly 10,000 scientists from around the world come annually to CSHL to attend one of our meetings or courses. These programs cover a diversity of topics across the spectrum of the biological sciences.

Our advanced courses offer participants the opportunity to become rapidly immersed in a new set of concepts and techniques. Teaching faculty and students cite the experience of a CSHL course as a highlight in their professional careers.

Banbury Center Meetings
Attend by invitation only, our Banbury Center meetings bring together 30 – 40 scientists for workshops in molecular biology, molecular genetics, human biology, neuroscience and science policy.