Machine Shop

machine shop

Technological advances open new venues for discovery in biology. The innovative Machine Shop at CSHL encompasses an in-house workshop for custom design and fabrication of scientific equipment. We work closely with investigators to provide custom solutions to engineering problems they may encounter, as well as to design and fabricate specialized equipment to advance their research.



Robert Eifert

Custom design and fabrication of parts & equipment for scientific instrumentation (including opto-mechanics, electrophysiology and behavior rigs, cancer and plant research applications)

In-house training for researchers to independently use machining tools (drill press, bandsaw, tablesaw, grinders, chopsaws, mills and lathes), as well as the water-jet cutter and professional 3D printer in the shop

Foster learning of technical skills among researchers on campus

Mediate sharing technologies and custom solutions across the CSHL campus

Object Studio 3D Printer Software for Stratasys Eden 260VS PolyJet 3D Printer: 16 µm resolution; building size block to 255 x 250 x 200 mm

Maximum Layout and Maker Software for OMAX 0707 Water Jet Cutter: for fast custom pattern cutting and 3D sculpting of metal, plastic and glass.

AutoDesk Inventor 3D solid modeling CAD software: 3D design parts and assemblies; parts within assemblies are virtually tested for fit, interference and motion.

Space Claim 3D solid modeling software: CAD software for shop users to be productive within very short period of time. 

CAD-CAM Machining software: generate machine tool language that allows to machine parts directly from the geometry created during design. We use a 3-axes and 2-axes CNC milling machines for 2 1/2-D and full 3-D contouring, and a CNC lathe for cylindrical parts.

  • Statasys professional 3-D printer
  • Maxium 31”x32” CNC water jet cutting machine
  • Hurco 3-axes milling machine with conversational control
  • Bridgeport Knee mill with 2-axes conversational control 3-axes digital readout
  • Proto Track CNC lathe with conversational control 18 inch swing
  • Monarch precision conventional tool room lathe 13 inch swing
  • Clausing drill press
  • Powermatic band saw
  • Rockwell table saw
  • Kama horizontal mitering cutoff band saw
  • Belt sander
  • Pedestal grinder
  • Precision pedestal tool grinder