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The Organoid Shared Resource provides Cancer Center members with access to the reagents, equipment, and expertise needed to culture and perform experiments with three-dimensional organoid models. The Shared Resource offers members centralized access to protocols for generating and working with organoid cultures, training in methods, and standardized culture reagents, as well as equipment for performing high-throughput chemical screens on either two-dimensional cell lines or organoid cultures.

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Shared Resource Staff

Resource Head

Camila dos Santos, Ph.D.

Facility Manager

Hardik Patel

  • Receive and track human samples
  • Provide standardized organoid culture reagents
  • Provide training on organoid technologies
  • Provide access to organoid models from the Shared Resource’s biorepository
  • Provide equipment and expertise for high-throughput drug screening
  • Perkin Elmer EnVision XCite plate reader
  • Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi Cell dispenser
  • Nikon TS2F inverted microscope system
  • Nikon TS2 brightfield microscope system
  • Echo 650 high-throughput drug dispenser
  • Molecular Devices Spectramax iD3 plate reader
  • Applied Biosystems Quantstudio 7500 Fast Dx QPCR