Single-Cell Biology

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The Single-Cell Biology Shared Resource provides access to facilities, equipment, and expertise for the study of gene expression, protein abundance, and genetic alterations at single-cell resolution. We offer expert-level, quality-controlled service for challenging applications single cell applications, and can provide assistance with every stage of a single-cell experiment, including study design, tissue dissociation, cell culture, population enrichment, cell sorting, quality control, and library preparation, and data analysis.

To inquire about a single-cell project idea, contact Jon Preall.

Shared Resource Staff

Resource Head

Peter Koo, Ph.D.

Head of Genomics Technology Development

Jonathan Preall, Ph.D.


Lindsay Lockwood, Research Technician

Claire Regan, Analyst

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Equipment and Services available:

  • 10X Genomics Chromium Platform
    • Single Cell 3’ Gene Expression
      With available add-ons:

      • Surface Protein Expression (aka. CITE-seq)
      • CRISPR Perturbation Screening
      • Targeted Gene Expression
    • Single Cell Immune Profiling
    • Single Cell ATAC-seq
    • Single Cell Multi-omics (ATAC + Gene Expression)
    • Single Cell CNV
  • Sony SH800 Cell Sorter
    • Bulk or single-cell sorting
    • 4 lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm)
    • 6 detectors
    • 2-way, 96-well, and 385 well sorting with indexing capabilities
  • Fluidigm C1 Single-Cell autoprep system
    • 96- and 800- chamber Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFCs)
    • Flexible downstream applications:
      • Full gene-body coverage RNAseq
      • ATAC-seq
      • Other custom workflows
  • 10X Genomics Visium Spatial Transcriptomics

      Talk with us about pilot projects using spatial transciptomics

Have a project idea? Contact us!

We are currently seeking a limited number of beta-test partners to provide tissue samples along with an idea of the target cell subpopulations to be enriched prior to single cell capture and sequencing. If desired, the single-cell core facility will work closely with clients to develop optimal tissue isolation, handling, and dissociation protocols, as well as cell sorting. Contact Jon Preall to get started.

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