Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is an essential tool that is widely used in cancer research. The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource provides equipment, training, and operating assistance for cell sorting and analysis. Facility staff oversees equipment maintenance, trains new users, and assists with assay development and operation of equipment. Outside users are welcome to contact the facility manager for appointments, rates, or more information about services.

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Pamela Moody


Cassandra Viola

FACS can be used in a variety of applications including analysis of cell cycle progression and apoptosis, quantitation of cell surface-expressed receptors and other markers, sorting and analysis of GFP-or mCherry tagged cells in complex populations, and sorting and enrichment of stem cells from different tissues based on cell-surface markers or subpopulations of cancer cells based on aneuploidy. This Shared Resource offers:

  • Training in use of equipment
  • Consulting on experimental design
  • Operation of instruments

In addition, tissue culture facilities are available for maintenance of cells during experiments.

The Resource offers three different types of cell sorters, which can be used for anything from routine analytical procedures to separating cells from tissue samples. The instrumentation includes:

  • Becton Dickinson LSR Dual Fortessa Cell Analyzer with 5 lasers and high throughput sampler for 96-well plates:
    • 355 nm UV
    • 405 nm Violet
    • 488 nm Blue
    • 561 nm Yellow-Green
    • 633 nm Red
  • Two Becton Dickinson FACSAria SORP with 5 lasers and automated cell deposition unit for sorting cells into 96-well plates.
    • 355nm UV
    • 405nm Violet
    • 488nm Blue
    • 561nM Yellow-Green
    • 640nm Red
  • SONY Biotechnology SH800 cell sorter with 4 lasers, 2-way sorting or sorting into 96 or 384 well plates with indexing capabilities.
    • 405nm Violet
    • 488nm Blue
    • 561nm Yellow-Green
    • 640nm Red

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