Interdisciplinary Scholars in Experimental and Quantitative Biology

The Interdisciplinary Scholars in Experimental and Quantitative Biology (ISEQB) Program, introduced in 2017, is a new and innovative funding opportunity for postdoctoral research and training. The ISEQB Program is designed to address several needs at CSHL: (1) recruitment and retention of talented postdocs who are interested in both wet-lab and dry-lab research; (2) establishment of a true interdisciplinary training program for postdocs, with a balance of experimental and quantitative components and a commitment from mentors in both areas; (3) promotion of new and ongoing collaborative research between experimental and quantitative groups; and (4) promotion of growth and strengthening of the QB community at CSHL. The ISEQB Program is open to applications in all areas of research at CSHL, including basic molecular biology and genetics, cancer, plant biology, and neuroscience. It can be used either for the recruitment of new postdocs or as a funding mechanism for postdocs who are already at CSHL.

Walter Bast

Walter Bast

Towards understanding the functional bases of odor perception: quantifying the input-output transfer function of the olfactory bulb

QB Mentor: Alexei Koulakov
Experimental Mentor: Florin Albeanu
January 2019 Award
Wei-Chia Chen

Wei Chia Chen

New Statistical methods for survival analysis on small clinical data sets

QB Mentor: Justin Kinney
Experimental Mentor: Robert Maki
June 2018 Award
James Roach

James Roach

Contributions of excitatory and inhibitory neurons to decision computations

QB Mentor: Tatiana Engel
Experimental Mentor: Anne Churchland
June 2018 Award
Sze Wong

Sze ‘Mandy’ Wong

Massively parallel reporter assays to decode RNA splicing

QB Mentor: Justin Kinney
Experimental Mentor: Adrian Krainer
December 2017 Award

For more information on how to apply to this program, please see the ISEQB flyer (pdf) for details.

We are currently accepting applications for the ISEQB program. The next deadline is September 1st, 2021.