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Recent advances in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) have made it possible to visualize extremely complex biological systems, providing novel molecular insight into human biology and disease. Cryo-EM has become an essential structural biology tool, enabling the determination of 3D structures for large biological macromolecules and complexes, as well as cellular components. At CSHL, the Cyro-EM Facility offers researchers access to a cutting edge instrument that can be applied broadly to study macromolecular machines.

Core Facility Staff

Facility Manager

Dennis Thomas


The CSHL Cryo-EM Facility, located within the Beckman building, houses a state-of-the-art FEI/Thermo Fischer Titan Krios G3. The Krios is equipped with a Ceta CCD camera and a Gatan K2 direct electron detector, which will be upgraded to the latest K3 technology in the near future. The K2/K3 detector is mounted on a Gatan Bioquantum energy filter for the high quality single particle and tomographic data that is essential for high resolution structure determination.

The Titan Krios is also equipped with a phase plate, which enables researchers to image and reconstruct even relatively small complexes such as hemoglobin (3.2 angstrom). The energy filter and phase plate are integrated into software that is capable of automated data acquisition.

The facility also will be equipped with resources for sample preparation and storage. An FEI/ Thermo Fischer Vitrobot plunger, a manual plunger and also a Leica GP plunger will be available for vitrification of specimens. Long term sample storage, glow discharge unit and all other supplies are available. Researchers can take advantage of the high performance computing resource for all their computational needs.

If you think you might have a project that could benefit from these resources please contact the Facility Manager Dennis Thomas at thomas@cshl.edu or call 7-5909.