Sepideh Gholami

Sepideh Gholami

Adjunct Associate Professor

M.A.S., University of California, Davis
M.D., Stanford University School of Medicine

gholami1@cshl.edu |

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Dr. Sepideh Gholami M.D., M.A.S. is a board-certified surgeon scientist with dual fellowship training in Complex General Surgical Oncology and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery. Dr. Gholami serves as the Director of the Liver Multidisciplinary Clinic, Hepatic Artery Infusion Pump Program, and Translational Research in Surgical Oncology at Northwell Health. She has focused her efforts on building a multidisciplinary liver surgery program with liver-directed therapies/regional therapies, including a hepatic artery infusion pump program for patients with hepatobiliary and metastatic malignancies. Dr. Gholami’s mission is to diversify and improve the research and clinical trial portfolio at Northwell Health Cancer Institute. She also has a joint appointment as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Our laboratory has a vested interest in developing novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers through designing high-impact clinical trials to improve patient outcomes in with primary and secondary liver cancers. Our studies interrogate the tumor microenvironment, spatiotemporal dynamics of tumor-immune crosstalk, and response pathways that play a critical role in anti-cancer therapeutics. Using a combination of mouse models, human organoids, and tissue culture slices from patient avatars, we work in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative effort to assess and translate findings from our model systems to evaluate novel therapeutics in translational oncology.

2023 Cancer Immunotherapy Winter School Program, Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC)
2022 Research Fellowship Award, Society of Translational Oncology Fellows’ Forum
2021 Society of Surgical Oncology Young Investigator Award
2020 Southwest Oncology Group Young Investigator Award
2020 Cancer Research Committee Award, University of California
2020 Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology, Paul Calabresi K12 Scholar
2020 Joel J. Roslyn Faculty Research Award, Association of Academic Surgeons
2019 Research Fellowship Award, Association of Women Surgeons
2019 Cancer Pilot Grant for Young Investigators, UC Davis Medical Center
2019 Selected Participant, ASCO/AACR Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research
2014 Hilary Sanfey Outstanding Resident Award, Association of Women Surgeons
2014 General Surgery Resident Research Award, Stanford University Medical Center
2013 General Surgery Resident Research Award, Stanford University Medical Center

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