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Mark Ptashne

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photo of Mark PtashneThe Mark Ptashne Collection consists of newspaper clippings, scientific correspondence (both original and photocopies) with 148 scientists including Nobel prize winners Francis Crick, Walter Gilbert, and Sydney Brenner. Much of the scientific correspondence is of a scientific nature mixed with personal exchanges. There is also special correspondence with Dr. George Klein and Charles M. Fair on shared interests such as art, music, science and philosophy. Material also includes emails, faxes, grant applications, patents both US and international, photographs, clippings, essays, awards, reports, and publications. The topics discussed range from scientific ethics, scientific fraud, the HIV/AIDS debate, Lasker award, discussions of scientific research, testimony of the Recombinant DNA Cambridge City Council Hearings, and the Cultural Congress held in Havana January -12, 1968, which brought together over four hundred “intellectuals” from the industrialized and third world nations to consider their role in the context of the revolutionary struggle in this era. Topics also include Mark Ptashne’s books “A Genetic Switch” and “Genes and Signals.” There are also grant applications and patents related to interferon. The Collection is digitized.

Ptashne Collection

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