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The Human Genome Project

The guide to the HGP is a vast, online window into the Human Genome Project. It features a rich, meticulous gathering of resources, information and links to original research, articles, videos and many other materials. The scope spans not only the years bracketing the Project itself, but also the period leading to the launch and events following the Project’s completion.

About the HGP

When the Human Genome Project was officially launched back in 1990, it was envisioned as an international effort that would span 15 years with a price tag of $3 billion—$1 for each base of the genetic code. After a journal with many twists, turns and tribulations, this extraordinary quest was marked by a White House celebration in June 2000, and the publication of the first drafts of the human genome in February 2001.

It is 15 years since those first drafts of the human genome were published. From a solitary reference genome, there are now hundreds of thousands of decoded genomes, thanks to astonishing advances in next-generation sequencing. Our understanding of the biology of the human genome has grown, bolstered by projects that have built upon the foundation of the Human Genome Project, including the International HapMap project, The Cancer Genome Atlas, the ENCODE Project, and many more.

The International History of the Human Genome Project is a related project that CSHL Archives is involved with.

Online Guide

The guide is published online as a wiki, with extensive use of internal links to cross reference events, people, events and publications.

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EBook Format

The Guide is also available in an electronic book format and is supplied in an Adobe PDF format.

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