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CSHL Office of Technology Transfer

The bulk of this Collection focuses on CSHL’s early forays into the world of Biotechnology. Research that was initially carried out in academic laboratories led to the development of recombinant DNA techniques. This, in turn, stimulated entrepreneurial scientists to create biotechnology companies. Recombinant DNA is the technology that allows us to insert genes from one organism into another to make it produce a protein product, copy the gene multiple times, or give it a new trait. The discovery of recombinant DNA was considered the “birth” of modern biotechnology.

photo of Ed Harlow and URP Abhjeet Lele 1986

Tech Transfer Collection

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graphic of NHPRC logoThis collection was processed under the grant History and Development of Molecular Biology: New Sources through the Hidden Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives Collections (1890-1910), (NAS11-RB-50178-11). Funding provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.