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Expanded Commentary

Expanded Commentaries are written by historians, scholars and archivists to relate the CSHL Archives collections with current themes and topics in society.


Our new history of science exhibit, Plant Science, Biotechnology and Agriculture on Long Island, 1900-2020, explores the connections between the history of science and technology and the local history of Long Island during the twentieth century. Visit it online here, or stop by the CSHL Library and Archives to see the physical version in the lobby.


Coughing and Cigarettes: Datura stramonium and the Treatment of Asthma

Exploring the Norton Zinder Collection: Finding the Public During the Recombinant DNA Controversy, 1970-1985

The Biological Laboratory and the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences

Cold Spring Harbor and German Eugenics in the 1930s

Exploring the Norton Zinder Collection: a Brave New World of Genetic Engineering in the 1960s

Cancer and Cronyism: Norton Zinder and the Special Virus Cancer Program

CIW & LI history: Relations between the lab and the community

Exploring the Norton Zinder Collection: Being “Scooped”, Then and Now

Exploring the Norton Zinder Collection: Penicillin, Auxotrophic Mutants and Tricks of Memory

Patronage and Funding of Research & Carnegie Institute of Washington

Student Life at the Biological Laboratory in the early 1900s

Sydney Brenner and Biotechnology


Annotated Scholarly Guide to the HGP (Human Genome Project)

Faces of the Genome

Journal Article

Second Century: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the Biotechnology Revolution