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Mrs. Natalie MeyerThe CSHL Library gratefully accepts gifts of books, manuscripts, and other materials that are within the scope of its collections. We are especially interested in the scientific papers of CSHL scientists. Prospective donors are asked to consult with Mila Pollock, Director of Libraries and Archives, or (516) 367-8493.

Please note that by law the Library cannot appraise or estimate the value of any gift, although we will provide a letter itemizing your gift.

Friends of the Library

Please consider supporting the CSHL Archives and the Center for Humanities & History of Modern Biology. Your gift can help support:

Direct inquires to:

Mila Pollock, Executive Director
Library & Archives
Center for Humanities & History of Modern Biology

Donate to Archives

The mission of the CSHL Archives is to collect original materials from those who participate in the development of molecular biology and genetics. The CSHL Archives accepts: papers, manuscripts, books, journals, photographs, notebooks, data, email, and emphermia.

If you would like to donate your original materials to the archives whose collections include: Sydney Brenner, James Watson, Francis Crick, Barbara McClintock, Walter Gilbert, Herman Muller, Charles Weissmann, Norton Zinder, and other world-class scientists, please contact us here.

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