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Mission Statement

CSHL Archives documents the history of molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology worldwide.  The Archives identifies and collects special collections; preserves and provides access to the original materials on these topics.

CSHL Archives supports the sharing of knowledge based upon the institutional and special collections through educational programs to scholars, academic community, and the public; chief among them is the cultural and intellectual history of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and its predecessor institutions; it is vital that these materials remain accessible to the scholarly community and beyond.

Our Mission also includes:

  • To furnish public access to The Archives’ collections by providing multiple means of discovery, including digitization, and rich description of, these collections.
  • To serve as a resource that encourages and contributes to the learning and research of biotechnology’s impact on science, people, and society and facilitates primary source scholarship by collecting leading biotechnology pioneers’ personal collections, as well as collections related to biotechnology companies.
  • To collaborate on, develop, and deliver educational tools for faculty, staff, students, and scholars that enhance the historical understanding of modern biology, women in life sciences, and biotechnology.

The mission is carried forward by:

  • Appraising, acquiring, and preserving special collections, records, books, and related documentary materials;
  • Offering a range of research and reference services to the public;
  • Creating and promoting products and services that broaden the understanding of the history of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (including predecessor institutions), modern biology, women in life sciences, and biotechnology;
  • Providing professional archival and preservation expertise across the institution and to the public.