Zihua Wang

Zihua Wang

Research Assistant Professor
Cancer Center Member

Ph.D., National University of Singapore, 2008

zwang@cshl.edu | 516-367-5259

Faculty Profile

As a molecular biologist, I am fascinated by the new technologies in molecular genetic studies. My research is aimed at developing new technologies and applying them mainly to cancer studies, such as early detection, prognosis, and measuring minimal residual disease.

Wang has developed, optimized, and finalized several bench technologies for cancer tumor profile studies and fetal genotyping. To rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate large numbers of samples, all of these techniques are based on next-generation sequencing platforms. Working with the Wigler lab, Wang’s research focused on the detection of rare point mutations, indels, copy number variations, and the length variants of microsatellites. By achieving high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity with these technologies, Wang’s group has confirmed their applications in measuring minimal residual disease and prognosis of cancer. In collaboration with clinical partners, the applications of early detection of cancer and embryo genotyping by cell-free DNA sequencing in spent culture mediums are being tested. Moreover, most of these technologies are being translated into medically actionable tests.

All Publications

Splicing Factor SRSF1 Promotes Pancreatitis and KRASG12D-Mediated Pancreatic Cancer

7 Jul 2023 | Cancer Discovery | 13(7):1678-1695
Wan, Ledong, Lin, Kuan-Ting, Rahman, Mohammad, Ishigami, Yuma, Wang, Zhikai, Jensen, Mads, Wilkinson, John, Park, Youngkyu, Tuveson, David, Krainer, Adrian

Accurate measurement of microsatellite length by disrupting its tandem repeat structure

12 Sep 2022 | Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) | :gkac723
Wang, Zihua, Moffitt, Andrea, Andrews, Peter, Wigler, Michael, Levy, Dan

Rates of contributory de novo mutation in high and low-risk autism families.

1 Sep 2021 | Communications Biology | 4(1):1026
Yoon, Seungtai, Munoz, Adriana, Yamrom, Boris, Lee, Yoon-Ha, Andrews, Peter, Marks, Steven, Wang, Zihua, Reeves, Catherine, Winterkorn, Lara, Krieger, Abba, Buja, Andreas, Pradhan, Kith, Ronemus, Michael, Baldwin, Kristin, Levy, Dan, Wigler, Michael, Iossifov, Ivan

Chromosomal instability accelerates the evolution of resistance to anti-cancer therapies

2 Aug 2021 | Developmental Cell
Lukow, Devon, Sausville, Erin, Suri, Pavit, Chunduri, Narendra, Wieland, Angela, Leu, Justin, Smith, Joan, Girish, Vishruth, Kumar, Ankith, Kendall, Jude, Wang, Zihua, Storchova, Zuzana, Sheltzer, Jason

Single-Chromosomal Gains Can Function as Metastasis Suppressors and Promoters in Colon Cancer

24 Feb 2020 | Developmental Cell | 52(4):413-428
Vasudevan, A, Baruah, P, Smith, J, Wang, Z, Sayles, N, Andrews, P, Kendall, J, Leu, J, Chunduri, N, Levy, D, Wigler, M, Storchova, Z, Sheltzer, J

Multiplex Accurate Sensitive Quantitation (MASQ) With Application to Minimal Residual Disease in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

21 Feb 2020 | Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) | 48(7):e40
Moffitt, A, Spector, M, Andrews, P, Kendall, J, Alexander, J, Stepansky, A, Ma, B, Kolitz, J, Chiorazzi, N, Allen, S, Krasnitz, A, Wigler, M, Levy, D, Wang, Z

Autism risk in offspring can be assessed through quantification of male sperm mosaicism

23 Dec 2019 | Nature Medicine | 26(1):143-150
Breuss, M, Antaki, D, George, R, Kleiber, M, James, K, Ball, L, Hong, O, Mitra, I, Yang, X, Wirth, S, Gu, J, Garcia, C, Gujral, M, Brandler, W, Musaev, D, Nguyen, A, McEvoy-Venneri, J, Knox, R, Sticca, E, Botello, M, Uribe Fenner, J, Perez, M, Arranz, M, Moffitt, A, Wang, Z, Hervas, A, Devinsky, O, Gymrek, M, Sebat, J, Gleeson, J

Copolymerization of single-cell nucleic acids into balls of acrylamide gel

14 Nov 2019 | Genome Research | 30(1):49-61
Li, S, Kendall, J, Park, S, Wang, Z, Alexander, J, Moffitt, A, Ranade, N, Danyko, C, Gegenhuber, B, Fischer, S, Robinson, B, Lepor, H, Tollkuhn, J, Gillis, J, Brouzes, E, Krasnitz, A, Levy, D, Wigler, M

DNA copy number variations in children with vesicoureteral reflux and urinary tract infections

12 Aug 2019 | PLoS ONE | 14(8):e0220617
Liang, D, McHugh, K, Brophy, P, Shaikh, N, Manak, J, Andrews, P, Hakker, I, Wang, Z, Schwaderer, A, Hains, D

Partial bisulfite conversion for unique template sequencing

25 Jan 2018 | Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) | 46(2):e10
Kumar, V, Rosenbaum, J, Wang, Z, Forcier, T, Ronemus, M, Wigler, M, Levy, D

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