Terri Grodzicker

Terri Grodzicker

Dean of Academic Affairs

Ph.D., Columbia University, 1969

grodzick@cshl.edu | (516) 422-4015

I came to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory at the end of 1972 and to my current position as dean of academic affairs via a somewhat circuitous route. I did my predoctoral research in bacterial genetics at Columbia University, and then began my postdoctoral research on the lac operon and l bacteriophage gene regulation at Harvard Medical School. After earning a Ph.D., I decided to switch to a eukaryotic system and work with adenovirus and SV40 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which at the time was one of the few centers for research on eukaryotic molecular genetics. About six months after I arrived at the Laboratory, I accepted a staff position, and I have been here ever since. During the time I worked as a bench scientist, I started organizing the annual DNA Tumor Virus Meeting and the Laboratory’s molecular genetics courses. In 1986, I became assistant director for academic affairs.

Academic affairs at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory includes the organization of meetings and short postgraduate courses that we offer in the spring, summer, and fall. These are run and managed by the courses and meetings program headed by David Stewart, Executive Director of Meetings and Courses. Since 1989, I have also been the editor of Genes & Development, one of the five research journals published by the Laboratory Press. The journal has expanded enormously and, in recent years, we have added an assistant editor, a post that has always been filled by a former graduate student at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.