Scott Lyons

Scott Lyons

Research Assistant Professor/Director Animal Imaging
Cancer Center Member

Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, 1999

slyons@cshl.edu | 516-367-5053

I provide collaborative research support to CSHL researchers in the area of preclinical in vivo imaging. This includes access to a comprehensive range of imaging modalities, as well as provision of experimental guidance, training and imaging reagents. In addition, my lab develops new and impactful ways to image aspects of in vivo tumor biology that are broadly relevant to the development of new therapeutics and the research interests of the CSHL Cancer Center.

The ability to measure cancer biology non-invasively in vivo has revolutionized preclinical research. It enables the researcher to make repeated measurements of the same tumor over time and to dynamically visualize aspects of its development or response to treatment. This greatly enhances the quality of experimental data and reduces the number of animals needed per study. In addition to providing general imaging support, we also develop new and innovative ways to image tumors, such as their cellular proliferation or metastatic spread, with the ultimate goal of discovering effective treatments and better understanding their mechanism of action.

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