Paolo Cifani

Paolo Cifani

Research Assistant Professor/Director, Mass Spectrometry Shared Resource
Cancer Center Member

Ph.D., Lund University, 2013

cifani@cshl.edu | 516-367-6806

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We develop innovative mass spectrometry-based approaches to measure how protein activities are regulated under physiologic conditions and in pathological states.

The vast majority of cellular biochemical processes are mediated by the coordinated activities of proteins. Protein activities are in turn controlled by their concentration and localization, by chemical modification of specific amino acids, by interaction with other biomolecules, and by several other mechanisms. Different cellular functional states, including those observed in cancer and other diseases, are almost invariably defined by specific patterns of protein regulation. The Cifani lab develops innovative approaches to study protein regulation using high-resolution mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography. Using these methods, we aim to reveal differences in concentration, structure, and chemical modification of cellular proteins from minimal sample amounts, such as those obtained from clinical specimens.

All Publications

Plasma cells in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma secrete antibodies to self-antigens

26 Sep 2023 | JCI Insight | :e172449
Yao, Min, Preall, Jonathan, Yeh, Johannes, Pappin, Darryl, Cifani, Paolo, Zhao, Yixin, Shen, Sophia, Moresco, Philip, He, Brian, Patel, Hardik, Habowski, Amber, King, Daniel, Raphael, Kara, Rishi, Arvind, Sejpal, Divyesh, Weiss, Matthew, Tuveson, David, Fearon, Douglas

Integrative Proteogenomics Using ProteomeGenerator2.

4 Aug 2023 | Journal of Proteome Research | 22(8):2750-2764
Kwok, Nathaniel, Aretz, Zita, Takao, Sumiko, Ser, Zheng, Cifani, Paolo, Kentsis, Alex

RNA binding protein SYNCRIP maintains proteostasis and self-renewal of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

21 Apr 2023 | Nature Communications | 14(1):2290
Herrejon Chavez, Florisela, Luo, Hanzhi, Cifani, Paolo, Pine, Alli, Chu, Karen, Joshi, Suhasini, Barin, Ersilia, Schurer, Alexandra, Chan, Mandy, Chang, Kathryn, Han, Grace, Pierson, Aspen, Xiao, Michael, Yang, Xuejing, Kuehm, Lindsey, Hong, Yuning, Nguyen, Diu, Chiosis, Gabriela, Kentsis, Alex, Leslie, Christina, Vu, Ly, Kharas, Michael

Integrative proteogenomics using ProteomeGenerator2.

4 Jan 2023 | bioRxiv
Kwok, Nathaniel, Aretz, Zita, Takao, Sumiko, Ser, Zheng, Cifani, Paolo, Kentsis, Alex

Two related families of metal transferases, ZNG1 and ZNG2, are involved in acclimation to poor Zn nutrition in Arabidopsis

2023 | Frontiers in Plant Science | 14:1237722
Zhang, Lifang, Braynen, Janeen, Fahey, Audrey, Chopra, Kriti, Cifani, Paolo, Tadesse, Dimiru, Regulski, Michael, Hu, Fangle, van Dam, Hubertus, Xie, Meng, Ware, Doreen, Blaby-Haas, Crysten

Translesion DNA synthesis polymerase κ is essential to a carcinogen-induced nucleolar stress response

2022 | bioRxiv
Paul, Shilpi, Rebok, Abbey, Cifani, Paolo, Paul, Anirban, Pappin, Darryl, Huang, Tony, Spratt, Thomas

Quantitative Cell Proteomic Atlas: Pathway-Scale Targeted Mass Spectrometry for High-Resolution Functional Profiling of Cell Signaling

7 Oct 2022 | Journal of Proteome Research | 21(10):2535-2544
Cifani, Paolo, Kentsis, Alex

Unique DNA Polymerase kappa Interactome Suggests Novel Cellular Functions

13 May 2022 | The FASEB Journal | 36 Sup(S1)
Paul, Shilpi, Cifani, Paolo, Pappin, Darryl, Spratt, Thomas

Quantitative Cell Proteomic Atlas: Pathway-scale targeted mass spectrometry for high-resolution functional profiling of cell signaling

2022 | bioRxiv
Cifani, Paolo, Kentsis, Alex

Discovery of Protein Modifications Using Differential Tandem Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

2 Apr 2021 | Journal of Proteome Research | 20(4):1835-1848
Cifani, Paolo, Li, Zhi, Luo, Danmeng, Grivainis, Mark, Intlekofer, Andrew, Fenyö, David, Kentsis, Alex

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