Michael Ronemus

Michael Ronemus

Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Yale University 1998

Faculty Profile

My research is aimed at uncovering the basis of sporadic genetic diseases such as autism, congenital heart defects and early-onset cancers.

Ronemus develops wet bench and bioinformatics techniques to detect different classes of rare mutations that underlie sporadic genetic disease in humans. The work utilizes novel next-gen sequencing approaches to rapidly and inexpensively evaluate large numbers of affected individuals. Working with the Wigler lab, Ronemus has mainly focused on the autism spectrum, but these these techniques are also being applied to other common pediatric disorders with similar genetic etiology such as congenital heart disease. In collaboration with clinical partners, the researchers are now in the process of translating these technologies into medically actionable tests.

All Publications

Sharing parental genomes by siblings concordant or discordant for autism

14 Jun 2023 | Cell Genomics | 3(6):100319
Wroten, Mathew, Yoon, Seungtai, Andrews, Peter, Yamrom, Boris, Ronemus, Michael, Buja, Andreas, Krieger, Abba, Levy, Dan, Ye, Kenny, Wigler, Michael, Iossifov, Ivan

Rates of contributory de novo mutation in high and low-risk autism families.

1 Sep 2021 | Communications Biology | 4(1):1026
Yoon, Seungtai, Munoz, Adriana, Yamrom, Boris, Lee, Yoon-Ha, Andrews, Peter, Marks, Steven, Wang, Zihua, Reeves, Catherine, Winterkorn, Lara, Krieger, Abba, Buja, Andreas, Pradhan, Kith, Ronemus, Michael, Baldwin, Kristin, Levy, Dan, Wigler, Michael, Iossifov, Ivan

Detection of Copy Number Variants by Short Multiply Aggregated Sequence Homologies.

Dec 2020 | Journal of Molecular Diagnostics | 22(12):1476-1481
Jobanputra, Vaidehi, Andrews, Peter, Felice, Vanessa, Abhyankar, Avinash, Kozon, Lukasz, Robinson, Dino, London, Ferrah, Hakker, Inessa, Wrzeszczynski, Kazimierz, Ronemus, Michael

Partial bisulfite conversion for unique template sequencing

25 Jan 2018 | Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) | 46(2):e10
Kumar, V, Rosenbaum, J, Wang, Z, Forcier, T, Ronemus, M, Wigler, M, Levy, D

Mutational sequencing for accurate count and long-range assembly

13 Jun 2017 | bioRxiv
Kumar, Vijay, Rosenbaum, Julie, Wang, Zihua, Forcier, Talitha, Ronemus, Michael, Wigler, Michael, Levy, Dan

Indel variant analysis of short-read sequencing data with Scalpel

Dec 2016 | Nature Protocols | 11(12):2529-2548
Fang, H, Bergmann, E, Arora, K, Vacic, V, Zody, M, Iossifov, I, O'Rawe, J, Wu, Y, Jimenez Barron, L, Rosenbaum, J, Ronemus, M, Lee, Y, Wang, Z, Dikoglu, E, Jobanputra, V, Lyon, G, Wigler, M, Schatz, M, Narzisi, G

SMASH, a fragmentation and sequencing method for genomic copy number analysis

Jun 2016 | Genome Research | 26(6):844-51
Wang, Z, Andrews, P, Kendall, J, Ma, B, Hakker, I, Rodgers, L, Ronemus, M, Wigler, M, Levy, D

Indel variant analysis of short-read sequencing data with Scalpel (vol 11, pg 2529, 2016)

2016 | Nature Protocols | 11(12)
Fang, Han, Bergmann, Ewa, Arora, Kanika, Vacic, Vladimir, Zody, Michael, Iossifov, Ivan, O'Rawe, Jason, Wu, Yiyang, Barron, Laura, Rosenbaum, Julie, Ronemus, Michael, Lee, Yoon-ha, Wang, Zihua, Dikoglu, Esra, Jobanputra, Vaidehi, Lyon, Gholson, Wigler, Michael, Schatz, Michael, Narzisi, Giuseppe

De novo mutations in congenital heart disease with neurodevelopmental and other congenital anomalies

4 Dec 2015 | Science | 350(6265):1262-1266
Homsy, J, Zaidi, S, Shen, Y, Ware, J, Samocha, K, Karczewski, K, DePalma, S, McKean, D, Wakimoto, H, Gorham, J, Jin, S, Deanfield, J, Giardini, A, Porter G.A, Jr, Kim, R, Bilguvar, K, López-Giráldez, F, Tikhonova, I, Mane, S, Romano-Adesman, A, Qi, H, Vardarajan, B, Ma, L, Daly, M, Roberts, A, Russell, M, Mital, S, Newburger, J, Gaynor, J, Breitbart, R, Iossifov, I, Ronemus, M, Sanders, S, Kaltman, J, Seidman, J, Brueckner, M, Gelb, B, Goldmuntz, E, Lifton, R, Seidman, C, Chung, W

Low load for disruptive mutations in autism genes and their biased transmission

23 Sep 2015 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Iossifov, I, Levy, D, Allen, J, Ye, K, Ronemus, M, Lee, Y, Yamrom, B, Wigler, M

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