Jon Preall

Jon Preall

Research Associate Professor/Head of Genomics Technology Development
Cancer Center Member

Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2009

Faculty Profile

Developing single-cell genomics technologies for applications related to cancer progression, immune surveillance, and discovery of rare novel cell types and transcriptional programs.

Biology is inescapably a study of diversity. Understanding complex biological systems, both in health and in disease, requires the deconvolution of a heterogeneous milieu into its constituent parts. New experimental tools have made it possible to investigate gene expression, chromatin architecture, and genetic alterations in thousands of single cells simultaneously. These technologies have revolutionized how we approach biological problems by granting the ability to measure interactions within the diverse cellular mixture comprising a tumor microenvironment, a developing stem cell niche, a complex organ such as the brain, or an immune response. The Preall Lab deploys and develops single-cell technologies and other high-throughput genomics workflows to explore biological diversity at high resolution. Using single-cell transcriptome profiling, the lab has characterized fibroblast populations that coordinate tissue remodeling within pancreatic tumors and govern interactions between cancerous cells, signals driving their growth, and surveillance by the immune system. The Preall lab is also developing technology to push single cell capabilities towards larger and larger cell numbers to enable massive scale studies of the immune repertoire across patient cohorts and over time.

All Publications

Practical Considerations for Single-Cell Genomics

Aug 2022 | Current Protocols in Neuroscience | 2(8):e498
Regan, Claire, Preall, Jonathan

OCA-T1 and OCA-T2 are coactivators of POU2F3 in the tuft cell lineage

16 May 2022 | Nature
Wu, Xiaoli, He, Xue-Yan, Ipsaro, Jonathan, Huang, Yu-Han, Preall, Jonathan, Ng, David, Shue, Yan, Sage, Julien, Egeblad, Mikala, Joshua-Tor, Leemor, Vakoc, Christopher

Patient-derived triple-negative breast cancer organoids provide robust model systems that recapitulate tumor-intrinsic characteristics

18 Feb 2022 | Cancer Research
Bhatia, Sonam, Kramer, Melissa, Russo, Suzanne, Naik, Payal, Arun, Gayatri, Brophy, Kyle, Andrews, Peter, Fan, Cheng, Perou, Charles, Preall, Jonathan, Ha, Taehoon, Plenker, Dennis, Tuveson, David, Rishi, Arvind, Wilkinson, John, McCombie, W, Kostroff, Karen, Spector, David

Oral famotidine versus placebo in non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19: a randomised, double-blind, data-intense, phase 2 clinical trial

10 Feb 2022 | Gut
Brennan, Christina, Nadella, Sandeep, Zhao, Xiang, Dima, Richard, Jordan-Martin, Nicole, Demestichas, Breanna, Kleeman, Sam, Ferrer, Miriam, von Gablenz, Eva, Mourikis, Nicholas, Rubin, Michael, Adnani, Harsha, Lee, Hassal, Ha, Taehoon, Prum, Soma, Schleicher, Cheryl, Fox, Sharon, Ryan, Michael, Pili, Christina, Goldberg, Gary, Crawford, James, Goodwin, Sara, Zhang, Xiaoyue, Preall, Jonathan, Costa, Ana, Conigliaro, Joseph, Masci, Joseph, Yang, Jie, Tuveson, David, Tracey, Kevin, Janowitz, Tobias

Patient-derived triple negative breast cancer organoids provide robust model systems that recapitulate tumor intrinsic characteristics

10 Aug 2021 | bioRxiv
Bhatia, Sonam, Kramer, Melissa, Russo, Suzanne, Naik, Payal, Arun, Gayatri, Brophy, Kyle, Andrews, Peter, Fan, Cheng, Perou, Charles, Preall, Jonathan, Ha, Taehoon, Rishi, Arvind, Wilkinson, John, McCombie, William, Kostroff, Karen, Spector, David

Inhibition of Hedgehog Signaling Alters Fibroblast Composition in Pancreatic Cancer.

1 Apr 2021 | Clinical Cancer Research | 27(7):2023-2037
Steele, Nina, Biffi, Giulia, Kemp, Samantha, Zhang, Yaqing, Drouillard, Donovan, Syu, LiJyun, Hao, Yuan, Oni, Tobiloba, Brosnan, Erin, Elyada, Ela, Doshi, Abhishek, Hansma, Christa, Espinoza, Carlos, Abbas, Ahmed, The, Stephanie, Irizarry-Negron, Valerie, Halbrook, Christopher, Franks, Nicole, Hoffman, Megan, Brown, Kristee, Carpenter, Eileen, Nwosu, Zeribe, Johnson, Craig, Lima, Fatima, Anderson, Michelle, Park, Youngkyu, Crawford, Howard, Lyssiotis, Costas, Frankel, Timothy, Rao, Arvind, Bednar, Filip, Dlugosz, Andrzej, Preall, Jonathan, Tuveson, David, Allen, Benjamin, Pasca di Magliano, Marina

ZBED2 is an antagonist of interferon regulatory factor 1 and modifies cell identity in pancreatic cancer

26 May 2020 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA | 117(21):11471-11482
Somerville, T, Xu, Y, Wu, X, Maia-Silva, D, Hur, S, de Almeida, L, Preall, J, Koo, P, Vakoc, C

Squamous trans-differentiation of pancreatic cancer cells promotes stromal inflammation

24 Apr 2020 | eLife | 9:e53381
Somerville, T, Biffi, G, DaBler-Plenker, J, Hur, S, He, X-Y, Vance, K, Miyabayashi, K, Xu, Y, Maia-Silva, D, Klingbeil, O, Demerdash, O, Preall, J, Hollingsworth, M, Egeblad, M, Tuveson, D, Vakoc, C

Bayesian Inference of Allelic Inclusion Rates in the Human T Cell Receptor Repertoire

22 Oct 2019 | Cell Systems | 9(5):475-482
Carter, J, Preall, J, Atwal, G

Specialization of the Drosophila nuclear export family protein Nxf3 for piRNA precursor export

15 Aug 2019 | Genes and Development | 33(17-18):1208-1220
Kneuss, E, Munafo, M, Eastwood, E, Deumer, U, Preall, J, Hannon, G, Czech, B

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