Johannes Yeh

Johannes Yeh

Research Assistant Professor & Director, CSHL Antibody and Phage Display Shared Resource
Cancer Center Member

Ph.D., Cambridge University, 2006

jyeh@cshl.edu | 516-367-8812

Cells orchestrate proteins to conduct cell-cell communications and environment sensing in order to execute physiological functions. My lab investigates the mechanisms by which dysregulated signals cause diseases such as cancer, and we are developing therapeutics based on these mechanisms.

Cell signaling plays a central role in executing physiological functions such as cell growth, proliferation and differentiation. Dysregulated cell signaling cause diseases like cancers, diabetes or neurodegeneration. The Yeh lab studies the function of proteins involved in cell signaling and their roles in pathophysiology with the goal of developing therapeutics to abrogate pathological cellular behavior. To this end, we employ biomolecular engineering approaches to dissect signal transduction pathways and to target protein functions. These approaches have led to the development of several therapeutic inhibitors to target oncogenic receptors, transcription factors and extracellular matrix proteins. Most recently, the Yeh lab has been focused on developing therapeutic biologics to modulate the interplay between cancer cells and tumor microenvironment.

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