Johannes Yeh

Johannes Yeh

Research Associate Professor & Director, CSHL Antibody and Phage Display Shared Resource
Cancer Center Member

Ph.D., Cambridge University, 2006

jyeh@cshl.edu | 516-367-8812

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Cells orchestrate proteins to conduct cell-cell communications and environment sensing in order to execute physiological functions. My lab investigates the mechanisms by which dysregulated signals cause diseases such as cancer, and we are developing therapeutics based on these mechanisms.

Cell signaling plays a central role in executing physiological functions such as cell growth, proliferation and differentiation. Dysregulated cell signaling cause diseases like cancers, diabetes or neurodegeneration. The Yeh lab studies the function of proteins involved in cell signaling and their roles in pathophysiology with the goal of developing therapeutics to abrogate pathological cellular behavior. To this end, we employ biomolecular engineering approaches to dissect signal transduction pathways and to target protein functions. These approaches have led to the development of several therapeutic inhibitors to target oncogenic receptors, transcription factors and extracellular matrix proteins. Most recently, the Yeh lab has been focused on developing therapeutic biologics to modulate the interplay between cancer cells and tumor microenvironment.

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Plasma cells in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma secrete antibodies to self-antigens

26 Sep 2023 | JCI insight | :e172449
Yao, Min, Preall, Jonathan, Yeh, Johannes, Pappin, Darryl, Cifani, Paolo, Zhao, Yixin, Shen, Sophia, Moresco, Philip, He, Brian, Patel, Hardik, Habowski, Amber, King, Daniel, Raphael, Kara, Rishi, Arvind, Sejpal, Divyesh, Weiss, Matthew, Tuveson, David, Fearon, Douglas

Manipulating PTPRD function with ectodomain antibodies

5 Sep 2023 | Genes & Development
Qian, Zhe, Song, Dongyan, Ipsaro, Jonathan, Bautista, Carmelita, Joshua-Tor, Leemor, Yeh, Johannes, Tonks, Nicholas

A synthetic KLHL20 ligand to validate CUL3 KLHL20 as a potent E3 ligase for targeted protein degradation

01 Sep 2022 | Genes & Development
Farrell, Brian, Gerth, Fabian, Yang, Cheng-Hao, Yeh, Johannes

The Design and Synthesis of A New Class of Targeted Protein Degradation Inducers

31 Aug 2022 | Genes & Development
Yeh, Johannes, Farrell, Brian, Gerth, Fabian, Yang, Cheng-Hao

Evaluating the differential expression of TAM family receptors and efferocytosis activities in differentiated and polarized THP-1 macrophage

21 Jun 2022 | bioRxiv
Chamberland, Megan, Farrell, Brian, Yeh, Johannes

Detection of incipient pancreatic cancer with novel tumor-specific antibodies in mouse models

10 Sep 2020 | bioRxiv
Oni, Tobiloba, Bautista, Carmelita, Merrill, Joseph, Goos, Jeroen, Rivera, Keith, Miyabayashi, Koji, Biffi, Giulia, Garcia, Libia, Plenker, Dennis, Patel, Hardik, Elyada, Ela, Samaritano, Maria, Yu, Kenneth, Pappin, Darryl, Goggins, Michael, Hruban, Ralph, Lewis, Jason, Lyons, Scott, Yeh, Johannes, Tuveson, David

Neutrophil extracellular traps produced during inflammation awaken dormant cancer cells in mice

28 Sep 2018 | Science | 361(6409)
Albrengues, J, Shields, M, Ng, D, Park, C, Ambrico, A, Poindexter, M, Upadhyay, P, Uyeminami, D, Pommier, A, Kuttner, V, Bruzas, E, Maiorino, L, Bautista, C, Carmona, E, Gimotty, P, Fearon, D, Chang, K, Lyons, S, Pinkerton, K, Trotman, L, Goldberg, M, Yeh, J, Egeblad, M

Amino-Acid-Catalyzed Direct Aldol Bioconjugation

20 Aug 2018 | Organic Letters
Howard, T, Cohen, R, Nwajiobi, O, Muneeswaran, Z, Sim, Y, Lahankar, N, Yeh, J, Raj, M

eUnaG: a new ligand-inducible fluorescent reporter to detect drug transporter activity in live cells.

8 Feb 2017 | Scientific Reports | 7:41619
Yeh, Johannes, Nam, Kwangho, Yeh, Joshua, Perrimon, Norbert

Towards understanding cell penetration by stapled peptides

2015 | RSC Medicinal Chemistry | 6(1):111-119
Chu, Qian, Moellering, Raymond, Hilinski, Gerard, Kim, Young-Woo, Grossmann, Tom, Yeh, Johannes, Verdine, Gregory

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