David J. Stewart

David J. Stewart

Executive Director of Meetings & Courses, SBS Professor

Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1988

stewart@cshl.edu | (516) 367-8801

Faculty Profile

My background is in genetics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and biotechnology. Before joining Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 1993, I worked for eight years at Cambridge University and then at a small private company in the United Kingdom on developing affinity methods for purifying proteins on a small and large scale. I also used rational drug-design techniques to develop synthetic ligands that interact specifically with proteins of commercial interest.

Currently, I am executive director of Meetings and Courses at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where I orchestrate at least 25 scientific meetings and 26 postgraduate-level residential laboratory/lecture courses each year. Collectively, the programs attract to the Laboratory more than 8000 international investigators who specialize in a wide range of biological and biomedical sciences. The Laboratory’s program of meetings and courses represents a flexible amalgam of topics that include molecular and cell biology, neuroscience, the regulation of gene expression, and genomics. Typically, each topic repeats every or every other year and is subject to continuous review in terms of its scientific relevance and popularity. In recent years, my interest has focused on the dissemination and exchange of scientific ideas and techniques and on the increasing impact of electronic communications in these areas. I also continue to develop an international program in Europe and Asia that builds on the strengths of our existing educational program.

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The Biology of Plants. Foreword.

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The Biology of Plants

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The Cardiovascular System

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Clocks and rhythms - Foreword

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The knockout mouse project

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Making and using DNA microarrays: A short course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Jan 2000 | Genome Research | 10(1):1-3
Stewart, D

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