Anthony Zador

Anthony Zador

The Alle Davis and Maxine Harrison Professor of Neurosciences

M.D., Ph.D., Yale University, 1994

zador@cshl.edu | 516-367-6950

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My lab studies how circuitry in the brain gives rise to complex behaviors, one of nature’s great mysteries. We study how the auditory cortex processes sound, and how this is interrupted in autism. We also seek to obtain a wiring diagram of the mouse brain at the resolution of individual neurons. Our unusual approach exploits cheap and rapid “next-gen” gene sequencing technology.

Anthony Zador and colleagues study how brain circuitry gives rise to complex behavior. Work in the lab is focused on two main areas. First, they ask how the cortex processes sound, how that processing is modulated by attention, and how it is disrupted in neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism. Recently, the lab found that when a rat makes a decision about a sound, the information needed to make the decision is passed to a particular subset of neurons in the auditory cortex whose axons project to a structure called the striatum. In the second major line of work in the Zador lab, they are developing new methods for determining the complete wiring instructions of the mouse brain at single-neuron resolution, which they term the “Connectome.” In contrast to previous methods, which make use of microscopy, these methods exploit high-throughput DNA sequencing. Because the costs of DNA sequencing are plummeting so rapidly, these methods have the potential to yield the complete wiring diagram of an entire brain for just thousands of dollars.

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Whole-cortex in situ sequencing reveals input-dependent area identity

24 Apr 2024 | Nature
Chen, Xiaoyin, Fischer, Stephan, Rue, Mara, Zhang, Aixin, Mukherjee, Didhiti, Kanold, Patrick, Gillis, Jesse, Zador, Anthony

The origins of COSYNE: Building a community

27 Feb 2024 | The Transmitter
Zador, Anthony

Neurons in the primary visual cortex of freely moving rats encode both sensory and non-sensory task variables

Dec 2023 | PLoS Biology | 21(12):e3002384
Zhang, Anqi, Zador, Anthony, Klausberger, Thomas

Stable sound decoding despite modulated sound representation in the auditory cortex

23 Oct 2023 | Current Biology | 33(20):4470-4483.e7
Funamizu, A, Marbach, F, Zador, A

Stable sound decoding despite modulated sound representation in the auditory cortex

15 Sep 2023 | bioRxiv
Funamizu, Akihiro, Marbach, Fred, Zador, Anthony

Neuroscience Needs Network Science

23 Aug 2023 | Journal of Neuroscience | 43(34):5989-5995
Barabási, Dániel, Bianconi, Ginestra, Bullmore, Ed, Burgess, Mark, Chung, SueYeon, Eliassi-Rad, Tina, George, Dileep, Kovács, István, Makse, Hernán, Nichols, Thomas, Papadimitriou, Christos, Sporns, Olaf, Stachenfeld, Kim, Toroczkai, Zoltán, Towlson, Emma, Zador, Anthony, Zeng, Hongkui, Barabási, Albert-László, Bernard, Amy, Buzsáki, György

Brain-wide representations of prior information in mouse decision-making

4 Jul 2023 | bioRxiv
Findling, Charles, Hubert, Felix, Acerbi, Luigi, Benson, Brandon, Benson, Julius, Birman, Daniel, Bonacchi, Niccolò, Carandini, Matteo, Catarino, Joana, Chapuis, Gaelle, Churchland, Anne, Dan, Yang, DeWitt, Eric, Engel, Tatiana, Fabbri, Michele, Faulkner, Mayo, Fiete, Ila, Freitas-Silva, Laura, Gerçek, Berk, Harris, Kenneth, Häusser, Michael, Hofer, Sonja, Hu, Fei, Huntenburg, Julia, Khanal, Anup, Krasniak, Chris, Langdon, Christopher, Latham, Peter, P Lau, Petrina, Mainen, Zach, Meijer, Guido, Miska, Nathaniel, Mrsic-Flogel, Thomas, Noel, Jean-Paul, Nylund, Kai, Pan-Vazquez, Alejandro, Paninski, Liam, Pillow, Jonathan, Rossant, Cyrille, Roth, Noam, Schaeffer, Rylan, Schartner, Michael, Shi, Yanliang, Socha, Karolina, Steinmetz, Nicholas, Svoboda, Karel, Tessereau, Charline, Urai, Anne, Wells, Miles, West, Steven, Whiteway, Matthew, Winter, Olivier, Witten, Ilana, Zador, Anthony, Dayan, Peter, Pouget, Alexandre

Catalyzing next-generation Artificial Intelligence through NeuroAI

22 Mar 2023 | Nature Communications | 14(1):1597
Zador, Anthony, Escola, Sean, Richards, Blake, Ölveczky, Bence, Bengio, Yoshua, Boahen, Kwabena, Botvinick, Matthew, Chklovskii, Dmitri, Churchland, Anne, Clopath, Claudia, DiCarlo, James, Ganguli, Surya, Hawkins, Jeff, Körding, Konrad, Koulakov, Alexei, LeCun, Yann, Lillicrap, Timothy, Marblestone, Adam, Olshausen, Bruno, Pouget, Alexandre, Savin, Cristina, Sejnowski, Terrence, Simoncelli, Eero, Solla, Sara, Sussillo, David, Tolias, Andreas, Tsao, Doris

Massive Multiplexing of Spatially Resolved Single Neuron Projections with Axonal BARseq

18 Feb 2023 | bioRxiv
Yuan, Li, Chen, Xiaoyin, Zhan, Huiqing, Gilbert, Henry, Zador, Anthony

Charles F. Stevens (1934-2022).

Feb 2023 | Nature Neuroscience | 26(2):176-177
Zador, Anthony

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