How to apply to the CSHL Fellows Program

Successful candidates will have a strong record of scientific achievement, clear intellectual drive to advance scientific understanding, and a commitment to engage collaboratively with a diverse community of scholars and transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. International scholars are eligible to apply.

Application Process

Graduate student advisors are encouraged to make nominations during the student’s final year of graduate studies, or graduate students may apply directly. Nominations can also be made after a student earns their Ph.D., but not after 2 years of earning their degree. M.D./Ph.D. students are also encouraged to apply as an alternative to clinical training.

  • Curriculum Vitae [including publications, full legal name, contact information, and (expected) date of Ph.D., which must be received by the start of the fellowship].
  • Three letters of recommendation, including one letter from the candidate’s graduate advisor
  • 2-page description of research accomplishments
  • 2-page description of future research plans, addressing the following questions:
    • What is the research problem?
    • What could be accomplished on a 3- to 5-year timescale?
    • How can CSHL help facilitate these accomplishments?

All applications will be evaluated by a committee of CSHL faculty. Each applicant is encouraged to use their research statement to identify faculty members with whom they wish to potentially collaborate. The selection process includes interviews with the most promising candidates identified by review of the application materials.

Terms of Appointment

  • Fellow appointments are for three to five years, depending upon the experimental systems being used and on the progress of the research. Start dates are flexible.
  • Fellows will direct their own research program. They will have their own laboratory space and technician, administrative support, and access to all of the resources of the Laboratory.
  • Fellows will have access to CSHL’s community-building and professional development activities, which include lecture series, training workshops and extramural events.
  • A committee of CSHL faculty will select the Fellows and regularly meet with them to provide mentorship and assistance throughout the duration of the Program.

Contact Info

Susan Anderson
Administrative Coordinator
Email: fellows@cshl.edu
Phone: 516-367-5036