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Gerald Rubin

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photo of Gerald RubinThis collection is related to the development of a catalog for the Human Genome Project Archives. Of historical value is one of the three original signed documents dated January 1999 with Celera Genomics that spelled out the terms for the collaboration on the Drosophila genome sequencing project, signed by Craig Venter, founder of Celera Genomics in 1998, Gerald Rubin, and an official of the University of California at Berkeley. There also includes a folder on including emails and letters that deals with the Department of Energy’s consideration in 1992 of supporting model organisms sequencing. The question raised of whether is would be best to sequence worms or flies. There are letters from future Nobelists Robert Waterson and John Sulston praising the superiority of worms, and opposing views from Jasper Rine and Gerald Rubin promoting flies as the ideal model organism. Included are views from other scientists including Raymond Gesteland, and Lloyd Smith are included on this topic. There is also correspondence on DOE/NIH relations relevant to the Drosophila mapping project.

Rubin Collection

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