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Positions available for Research Interns

Researchers pursuing or having recently completed Masters’ degrees in the History and Philosophy of Science are encouraged to contact the Center for Humanities Studies to learn about exciting research internship opportunities in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives.

As an Archives Research Intern, you can pursue any project that matches your interest in our vast collection of original materials covering the development of modern biology. From the documents of the misguided Eugenics Record Office to the enlightened birth of molecular biology, and from the earliest efforts to understand cellular processes by the RNA Tie club to the advent of DNA Sequencing, the lab notebooks, correspondence, photographs, reprints, administrative documentation, financial records, and so much more are waiting to tell their stories and share their history. Contact the Center today to apply for an Internship at the world-renown Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

For a more complete description of our Archives collections, please visit the Archives website.

A testimonial from a previous Research Intern

“The research I have conducted for the archives has been a wonderful experience. As someone with a background in History of Science, I have been able to research topics as varied as molecular biology and model organism studies, which I plan to formulate into Ph.D. dissertation topics as I pursue my career to become a Historian of Modern Biology. Working at the archives of a scientific institute of such renown as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has allowed me not only to research topics of interest but also to learn the intricacies of archival work and contribute to the archives goals of research and preservation.”

— Siddharth Satishchandran

photo of Siddharth Satishchandran
Siddharth Satishchandran