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URP Alumni 2022

photo of CSHL URP 2022 participants
The CSHL Undergraduate Research Program (URP) participants, Summer 2022
Student Undergraduate institution CSHL URP lab Research project title
Mia Lin Amato Florida Atlantic University Cheadle Laboratory Single-nucleus RNA-sequencing of the visual cortex in the context of synaptic refinement
Scarlet Au Columbia University Ware Laboratory Environmental Genome Wide Association Study in Sorghum
William Borges Brown University Trotman Laboratory Oxidative Therapy in Prostate Cancer
Chris Cizmeciyan Cornell University Krainer Laboratory Inhibiting Liver Cancer Growth via Controlled Pyruvate Kinase Splice-Switching
Jean Gonzalez Vassar College Tollkuhn Laboratory Steroidogenesis in Mammalian Brains
Gina Jones University of Washington Tacoma dos Santos Laboratory Defining the Mammary Epithelial Changes Induced by UTI in WT and BRCA1-KO Mouse Models
Laine Marrah University of Virginia Krasnitz Laboratory Inferring Genetic Ancestry from Cancer-Derived ATAC-Seq Data
Nicole Melendez University of Puerto Rico of Mayaguez Pedmale Laboratory The role of ECT2 in blue light signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana plant
Macie Moore University of Kansas Cheadle Laboratory Determination of Tissue Fixation and Designing a Probe for Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
Sofia Pogliano Wesleyan University Jackson Laboratory The specifics of SHOOT MERISTEMLESS trafficking
Ethan Register Brown University Beyaz Laboratory Regulation of Epithelial MHC-II expression by YAP signaling
Nicolas Rios Johns Hopkins University Albeanu Laboratory Describing the Role of Cortico-Bulbar Feedback in Behavioral Flexibility
Rosa Sanchez University of California, Santa Cruz Joshua-Tor Laboratory Understanding the Binding Preferences of CSR-1a
Will Slatton Rice University Engel Laboratory Learning Flexible 2D Neural Dynamics from Spikes
Matthew Venezia Stony Brook University Navlakha Laboratory Elucidating the Developmental Process of Voronoi Patterning in Leaves of Pilea peperomioides
Abigail Williams University of Cambridge Banerjee Laboratory Evolution of vocal communication in singing mice
Marta Zaccaria University College London Janowitz Laboratory Investigating ketogenic diet-induced changes in the stress response to cancer cachexia
Phillip Zhou Amherst College Koo Laboratory Seeing through Akita’s eyes using interpretability methods