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Directors of CSHL

Bashford Dean Biolab 1890-91
Herbert Conn Biolab 1891-97
Charles Davenport Biolab 1898-24
Station for Exp. Evol 1904-21
ERO 1910-21
CIW Dept. of Genetics 1921-34
Albert Blakeslee CIW Dept. of Genetics 1934-41
Milislav Demerec  CIW Dept. of Genetics 1941-60
LIBA 1941-60
Berwind Kaufmann CIW Dept of Genetics 1960-62
Alfred Hershey CIW Genetics Res. Unit 1962-71
Reginald Harris LIBA 1924-36
Eric Ponder LIBA 1936-41
Arthur Chovnick LIBA 1960-62
H. Edwin Umbarger CSHLLQB 1962-63
John Cairns CSHLLQB 1963-68
James Watson CSHLLQB 1968-94
CSHL 1968-94
Bruce Stillman CSHL 1994-Present

Institution Names

Biolab Department of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences
Station for Experimental Evolution Department of Carnegie Institution of Washington
ERO Eugenics Records Office
CIW Carnegie Institute of Washington
CIW Dept. of  Genetics or Genetics Res. Unit Formed by merger of Station for Experimental Evolution and Eugenics Records Office
LIBA Long Island Biological Association
CSHLLQB Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology
CSHL Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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