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Friends of T.J. donate $50k for sarcoma research

Friends of TJ Sarcoma donation
(l to r) Cristian Lopez-Cleary, Chris Vakoc, Tom Arcati, Nancy Arcati, Martyna Sroka and Toyoki Yoshimoto in Vakoc’s lab.

On September 23rd, Nancy and Tom Arcati of the Friends of T.J. Foundation presented a donation of $50,000 to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Associate Professor Chris Vakoc and his team of rhabdomyosarcoma researchers.

Vakoc’s lab studies cancers like rhabdomyosarcoma to pinpoint genetic weaknesses and find therapeutic targets. Three members of his lab specifically focus on rhabdomyosarcoma, including Watson School of Biological Sciences graduate student Martyna Sroka, Student-in-Residence Cristian Lopez-Cleary, and visiting scientist Toyoki Yoshimoto.

The Friends of T.J. Foundation is a Long Island organization which was founded by T.J. Arcati and his friends in 2009. The Foundation continues to support increased sarcoma research, improved treatments, and aid in the goal of finding a cure.