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2006 Dinner

Muhammad Ali

2006 Honoree for Humanitarianism 

He’s still the most recognizable man on earth. And nearly fifty years after he burst onto the scene as a gold-medal winner at the 1960 Rome Olympics, Muhammad Ali remains a magical figure, known and loved throughout the world.

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Suzanne & Bob Wright

2006 Honorees for Corporate Leadership

Suzanne and Bob Wright are co-founders of Autism Speaks, the largest organization devoted to autism in the nation. Inspired by the challenges facing their grandson, who suffers from autism, they launched the foundation in February 2005 to help find a cure by raising funds to facilitate and quicken the pace of research, to raise public awareness of autism and to give hope to all those who suffer from this disorder.

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Phillip Sharp, Ph.D.

2006 Honoree for Scientific Research

Dr. Phillip Sharp’s research has centered on the molecular biology of gene expression relevant to cancer and the mechanisms of RNA splicing. His landmark achievement was the discovery of RNA splicing in 1977, for which he shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Dr. Richard Roberts, who did parallel work at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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