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URP Alumni 2019

Undergraduate Research Program URP Alumni 2019
The CSHL Undergraduate Research Program (URP) participants, Summer 2019
Student Undergraduate institution CSHL URP lab Research project title
Dominik Aylard University of California, Davis dos Santos Laboratory Aging and NKT cell inactivity decrease breast cancer prevention in advanced-age pregnancies
Alison Bashford Muhlenberg College Shea Laboratory Instinct and altruism in pup retrieving mice
Nathan Castro Pacheco Northeastern University Dobin Laboratory Single-cell transcript isoform abundance estimation using an expectation maximization maximum likelihood (EM-ML) algorithm
Andrew Claros City University of New York Queens College Albeanu Laboratory Cortical feedback from the olfactory cortex affects firing of mitral cells
Emma Cravo Union College Churchland Laboratory The role of the parietal and frontal cortex during sensory-guided decision-making
Kevin Chen University of Maryland, Baltimore County Stillman Laboratory Role of ORC4 and ORC2 in ORC origin sequence specificity
Faniya Doswell Norfolk State University Osten Laboratory Comparative mapping of neuron populations in prairie voles and mice
Ahmet Doymaz CUNY Hunter College Joshua-Tor Laboratory Structural study of exonuclease Dis3l2’s RNA-unwinding activity
Jasmin Fleuranvil University of Chicago Trotman Laboratory The role of Axl as a putative regulator of migration and morphology in prostate cancer
Tara Gallagher University of Notre Dame Gingeras Laboratory A study of the role of RNase 1 in the processing of RNA in extracellular vesicles
Nathaniel Garry Cornell University Krainer Laboratory SRSF3-regulated alternative splicing and nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in cancer
Owen Hughes University of Michigan Engel Laboratory Towards inference of non-stationary Langevin Dynamics from spike data
Mackenzie Litz Smith College Koulakov Laboratory Understanding the organization of the nervous system: identifying patterns in neuronal responses to 3D molecular structure in the accessory olfactory system
Sarah Mantell California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo Kepecs Laboratory An investigation of the inverse comorbidity between neurodegenerative disorders and cancers
Blake Nelson University of the Sciences Spector Laboratory Examining the expression of MALAT1 long non-coding RNA in human breast tumor organoids
Samantha Rothberg Amherst College Ware Laboratory The effect of phosphorus regulatory genes on root system architecture in Arabidopsis
Charlotte Simpson Durham University Egeblad Laboratory The major signalling molecules involved in classical and non-classical NETosis
Abraham Steinberger Williams College Jackson Laboratory RAMOSA3 and its potential RNA-binding protein interactors
Yin Yuan University of Cambridge Vakoc Laboratory Defining critical residues of the POU homeodomain transcription factor OCT-11 that sustain tuft cell lung cancer growth