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URP Alumni 2018

2018 URP students
The CSHL Undergraduate Research Program (URP) participants, Summer 2018
Student Undergraduate institution CSHL URP lab Research project title
Chimsom Agbim Vanderbilt University Trotman Laboratory Exosomes as Therapeutic Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer
Anisha Babu The Ohio State University Albeanu Laboratory Revolving Odor Delivery Machine
Basheer Becerra Illinois State University Krasnitz Laboratory A bioinformatics pipeline for copy-number feature extraction used for predicting tumor organoid chemo-sensitivity
Gavriela Carver Cornell University Jackson Laboratory Investigating the roles of trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatases in plant development
George Chen University of British Columbia Li Laboratory Monitoring Home-cage Behaviour of 16p11.2+/- Mice to Determine Their Viability as a Model for Autism in Humans
Kevin Chen University of Maryland, Baltimore County Stillman Laboratory Role of ORC4 and ORC2 in ORC origin sequence specificity
Sterling Evans University of Missouri Martienssen Laboratory Understanding easiRNA in Arabidopsis thaliana Pollen
Itai Levin Cornell University Zador Laboratory Mapping Neuronal Projections from the Mouse Periaqueductal Gray
Matheo Morales Arizona State University Spector Laboratory Characterization of long noncoding RNA lnc10 in neurodevelopment
Noelle Ozimek Queen Mary University of London Osten Laboratory C-fos screening for cellular resolution mapping of behaviorally evoked whole brain activation in APPSWE mouse model
Matthew Peacey University of Cambridge Pedmale Laboratory Investigating interaction of CRY2 with MOS1 and FVE in the cryptochrome signaling pathway
Daniel Quintero Carleton College Churchland Laboratory Looming and Receding Stimuli Influence Innate Defensive Behaviors and Neuron Populations
Tess Rinaldo Stanford University Shea Laboratory Analyzing excitatory and inhibitory neuronal response in the basal amygdala during the learning of maternal retrieval behavior
Nicole Sivetz Monmouth University Krainer Laboratory Inhibition of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay of the CFTR gene using splice-switching antisense oligonucleotides
Lauren Stiene University of California, San Diego Egeblad Laboratory Evaluating Intratumoral Clonal Heterogeneity in Breast Cancer by Multicolor Lineage Tracing
Maya Talukdar Columbia University Gillis Laboratory Shaping Our Understanding of Transcriptional Network Re-Wiring Via V-Shaped Relationships
Amelia Tian Columbia University Tollkuhn Laboratory Validation of hormone-regulated differential gene expression in mice and voles
Macy Vollbrecht University of Minnesota Twin Cities dos Santos Laboratory Investigating how the immune system affects the development, proliferation, and transcriptome of mammary epithelial cells
Magdalene Walters University of Notre Dame McCandlish Laboratory Computational detection and characterization of epistatic interactions in influenza A hemagglutinin protein through surveillance sequencing and deep mutational scanning data
Julia Wang Stanford University Engel Laboratory Coordination of cortical state between frontal and visual cortex during spatial attention