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URP Alumni 2012

2012 URP participants
The CSHL Undergraduate Research Program (URP) participants, Summer 2012
Student Undergraduate institution CSHL URP lab Research project title
Francesca Aloisio University of Texas at Austin Hannon Laboratory Using RNA-FISH to characterize the localization of novel lincRNAs in the mouse hematopoietic system
Sarah Anderson University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Hannon Laboratory Characterizing the role of pachytene piRNAs in mice
Marta Andrés Terré UPenn, Universitat de Barcelona Timmermans Laboratory Defining the developmental profile of miRNA mobility
Dhruba Banerjee University of California, Berkeley Albeanu Laboratory Top-Down Control of Invariant Odor Perception
Alexandra Batchelor University of Cambridge, UK Kepecs Laboratory How does cocaine affect optimal decision making?
Eleanor Batty Brown University Churchland Laboratory Encoding of Head Movement in Posterior Parietal Cortex
Eric Biggers Macalester College Schatz Laboratory Assembling the Pineapple Genome
Jeetayu Biwas Brandeis University Pappin Laboratory Human Thymosin: Searching for the mechanism behind the mystery
Michael Bocek University of Washington Egeblad Laboratory Extending the Brainbow system for live tumor imaging studies
Rachel Charney McMaster University Osten Laboratory The Neurobiological Effects of Fever on Wild Type Mice and the 16p11.2 Autistic Mouse Model
Zachary Collins George Washington University Mitra Laboratory Mapping GABAergic Neuron Subtypes in Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Karensa Crump Binghamton University Shea Laboratory Granule cell activity in the main olfactory bulb of awake mice
David Ding University of Oxford Trotman Laboratory In vitro studies of IL-6 signaling in prostatic cancers and metastases
Emily Glassberg Dartmouth College Krasnitz Laboratory A novel computational strategy to determine nucleosome positioning in S. cerevisiae
Servan Gruninger University of Zurich Dubnau Laboratory Tracking Transposition events of the gypsy Retrotransposon in Neural Cells of Drosophila melanogaster
Julian Homburger Cornell University Atwal Laboratory Associations Between Rare Variants and Complex Disease
Nathan Huey Kenyon College McCombie Laboratory Identifying mutational burden within the DISC1 interactome in a case-control study for psychiatric disorders
Scott Johnson University of Maryland, Baltimore County Martienssen Laboratory Uncovering the role of the centromere in the Arabidopsis male germline development
Marissa LaMoure University of Texas at Austin Stillman Laboratory Elucidating the Orc2 – BubR1 Interaction
Ryan Lee California State University San Bernardi Zhong Laboratory Drosophila Neuropeptide F Neurons…Who are they speaking with?
Rebecca Marton University of Notre Dame Hammell Laboratory Development of a high-throughput RNAi screen to identify modulators of heterochronic miRNA activity
James Morton Miami University, OH Gingeras Laboratory A Computational Analysis of Allele Specific Expression
Helen Mueller Columbia University Mills Laboratory Chd5 Expression in Fetal Stem Cells
Amanda Raimer Widener University Krainer Laboratory Splicing Variability of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Ian Stephens Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland Huang Laboratory Genetic Targeting of Cortical Pyramidal Neuron Subtypes Using Mouse Engineering
Edward Twomey Seton Hall University Joshua-Tor Laboratory Characterization of Gtsf1 involvement in the piRNA pathway