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URP Alumni 2003

Student Undergraduate institution CSHL Advisor Research project title
Emily Anderson Grinnell College, USA Dr. Dick McCombie Gene Prediction: An Assessment of Tools
Mollie Biewald Columbia University, USA Dr. Josh Dubnau Oskar and Staufen: Visualizing Memory Formation
Christopher Brown Clemson University, USA Dr. Rob Lucito Detecting Gene Copy Number Changes in Ovarian Cancer
Jessica Cardenas-Navia Yale University, USA Dr. Yuri Lazebnik Development and Implementation of a Cell Fusion Tracking Assay
Rittik Chaudhuri Duke University, USA Dr. David Jackson Potential Plasmodesmata Receptors in “Arabidopsis thaliana
Galen Collins Wabash College, USA Dr. Marja Timmermans Understanding Asymmetric Leaves1 Repression of Knox Genes in Leaf Development
Catherine Del Vecchio Dr. Bill Tansey An Investigation into Mediator Factor Med8 and its Potential Role in Ubiquitin-Medicated Proteolysis
Keisha John University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA Dr. Holly Cline Determination of RNP Granule Composition in Dendrites
Daniel Jones Pomona College, USA Dr. Josh Huang Characterization of GABAergic Interneuron Connectivity in Neocortex
Rafal Klajn University of Warsaw, Poland Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor Towards the Crystal Structure of BVP Protein E2
Henry Lin Harvard College, USA Dr. Michael Zhang Comparative Genome Analysis
Gediminas Luksys Intl University Bremen, Germany Dr. Tony Zador Psychophysical Approaches in Solving the Cocktail Party Problem
Nicholas Manicke University of Evansille, USA Dr. Alea Mills Investigating the Role of p63 in the Skin
Nina Marinsek Cambridge University, UK Dr. Rob Martienssen The Role of RNAi in Chromatin Modification and its Interaction with DNA Metylation
John McIntyre National University Ireland Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy Gene Silencing and Growth Control in 3D Epithelial Cells
C. Michael Minder University North Carolina, USA Dr. Rui-Ming Xu Exploring the Exon Junction Complex
Gabriel Orebi Gann Cambridge University, UK Dr. Mitya Chklovskii Connectivity and Interaction Strength of Paired Neurons
Shraddha Pai University of Waterloo, Canada Dr. Lincoln Stein Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of Olfactory Chemoreceptors in C. elegans and C. briggsae
Jonathan Schneiderman Tel Aviv University, Israel Dr. Greg Hannon A Species of RISC: Characterizing the Recruitment of Small Interfering RNA in the RNAi Pathway
Peter Slomiany Connecticut College, USA Dr. Eli Hatchwell Mapping a Microdeletion using a Myriad of Methods including Microarrays and Polymorphisms
Lieven Van der Veken Leuven Catholic University Belgium Dr. Linda Van Aelst Oligophrenin, a Study of Interactions
John Wallach MIT, USA Dr. Karel Svoboda The Role of Neural Actin Binding Protein in Dendritic Spines Morphogenesis
Margaret Wat Duke University, USA Dr. Masaaki Hamaguchi RNAi Knockdown of DBC2
Christine Wu UC Berkeley, USA Dr. Winship Herr Investigating the Role of HCF-1 in Mouse F9 Cell Differentiation
Maria Zhadina Brandeis University, USA Dr. David Helfman Characterization of p21 Function in Cell Motility