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URP Alumni 2002

Student Undergraduate institution CSHL Advisor Research project title
Gautam Agarwal University of Texas Dr. Zachary Mainen Modeling Odor Recognition by Neural Synchrony
Michalis Agathocleous Trinity College Dr. Hollis Cline CPG Expression Changes Tyrosine Phosphorylation In Vivo
Hiroki Asari University of Tokyo Dr. Masaaki Hamaguchi Suppression of Dbc2 by RNA Interference
Sherry Aw University of Wisconsin Dr. David Jackson Protein Trafficking via plasmodesmata in Arabidopsis thaliana
Anna Belkina Russian State Medical University Dr. David Helfman Characterization of S100A4 Function
Thomas Denkenberger Penn State University Dr. Arne Stenlund Studies of the Bovine Papillomavirus E1 Helicase
Winfred Frazier University of Houston Dr. Senthil Muthuswami Phenotypic Consequences of Activating ErbB2 Receptor Mutants in Epithelial Cells
Daniel Herman MIT Dr. Grisha Enikolopov Characterization of Noxin1 Function using Hairpin RNA Interference
Jonathan Hertz MIT Dr. Josh Huang Subcellular Localization of Protocadherins in GABAergic Interneurons and their Role in Synaptic Plasticity
Honor Hsin Harvard University Dr. Robert Malinow Neurons ReAsHed: Imaging a Molecular Model of Memory
Rachel Kalmar UCSD Dr. Tony Zador How does the Auditory Cortex encode Complex Sound?
Renatta Knox Harvard University Dr. David Spector Visualizing UAP56 in Living Cells
Erin Kurten University of Wisconsin Dr. William Tansey Developing Tools to Study Interactions between the Proteasome and Med 8
Cindy Lee SUNY Stony Brook Dr. Jerry Yin Molecular Mechanism of Atypical PKM Regulation
Cory Lindsay Wayne State College Dr. Eli Hatchwell A Common Microdeletion at 8q24.3: Population Frequency Analysis
Jamie Newman Amherst College Dr. Yuri Lazebnik Can Primus Regulate Apoptosis?
Jacqueline Ou Duke University Dr. Michael Zhang Toward Genome-Wide First Exon Annotation: Computational Prediction and Experimental Protocol
Fatih Ozsolak Washington University Dr. Rob Lucito Gene Copy Number Changes in Breast and Prostate Cancers
Vishal Patel University of Illinois Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor Expression, Purification and Crystallization Trials of Candidate Plasticity Gene 15
Marisa Rodriguez University of Houston Dr. Alea Mills Using Chromosome Engineering to Study Functional Genomics
Grace Teng Yale University Dr. Rob Martienssen Analysis of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Centromeric Transcripts
Boo Shan Tseng MIT Dr. Winship Herr Life Without HCF-1: A Way to Create Siamese Cells
Lieven van der Veken Leuven University Linda Van Aelst Molecular and Cellular Characterization of Oligophrenin and Potential Partners
Sarah Whitcomb Columbia University Dr. Greg Hannon Attempting to assay RNA dependent RNA-Polymerase Activity of a Putative RdRp from Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Elisabeth Wurtmann Carleton College Dr. Marja Timmermans Regulation of knox Genes by rough sheath2 in maize leaf Initiation