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URP Alumni 2001

Student Undergraduate institution CSHL Advisor Research project title
Brian Adkins Tuskegee University Dr. Masaaki Hamaguchi A Study of the DBC2 Gene: Tumor Suppressor Candidate in Breast Cancer
Gautam Agarwal University of Texas Dr. Zachary Mainen Discriminability and Coding of Odors in the Olfactory Bulb
Seth Bechis Harvard University Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor Purification and Crystallization of the Replication Initiation Protein of the Human Papillomavirus High-Risk Strains
Alicia Berger University of Colorado Dr. Gregory Hannon Creation of a Phenotype Array Using RNA Interference in Drosophila S2 Cells
Kelly Biddle Rice University Dr. David Jackson Intercellular Trafficking of Transcription Factors in Arabidopsis
Laura Burrack Macalester College Dr. Bruce Stillman Complex Formation and Function of scMcm Proteins in Initiation of DNA Replication
Allison Carey Penn State University Dr. Jerry Yin Identification of Molecular Partners for the Memory Protein DaPKCz
Raymond Chen Harvard University Dr. William Tansey Myc: the Unphosphorylated, the Phosphorylated, and the Imposters
Yao Chen Cambridge University Dr. Karel Svoboda Project I: Visualizing mRNA Trafficking in Living Neurons
Benjamin DeBivort Duke University Dr. Yi Zhong Roles of Notch and NF1 Proteins in Activity-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity
Carolyn Dong University of Massachusetts David Spector Modulation of Transcriptional Activity by Nuclear Positioning
Jovana Drinjakovic Oxford University Dr. Yuri Lazebnik Oncogenes Induce Cell Fusion
Elizabeth Fingar Ohio University Dr. Hollis Cline Homer Constructs in the Xenopus Visual System
Lindzy Friend University of Evansville Dr. Adrian Krainer Investigating the Relationship between UP1 and Telomeric DNA using Footprinting Techniques
Laurie Friesenhahn Texas A&M University Dr. Shiv Grewal Histone H3 lys9 Methylation and Epigenetic Silencing in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Elizabeth Head University of Minnesota Dr. Rob Martienssen Characterizing Three Putative RNAi Genes in S. Pombe
Michael Hoffman University of Texas Dr. Michael Zhang AtProbe: Arabidopsis thaliana Promoter Binding Element Database
Lindsay Hufton Cambridge University Dr. Linda Van Aelst Identification of oligophrenin-1 binding partners in brain
Shantanu Jadhav Indian Institute of Technology Dr. Tony Zador A Psychophysical Investigation of the Effect of Attention on Auditory Stream Segregation, and A Statistical Analysis of Sounds
Meelis Kadaja Tartu University Dr. Arne Stenlund The Effect of Tumor-Suppressor Protein p53 on BPV-1 Replication in Vitro
Joseph Markson Harvard University Dr. Josh Huang Bioinformatic Approach to Mechanisms of GABAergic Cell-Type Specific Gene Expression
Julie Plocher University of Illinois Dr. Marja Timmermans Rough sheath2: How to keep hormones under control
Timothy Sonbuchner Gustavus Adolphus College Dr. Grigori Enikilopov Expression of Nitric Oxide Isoforms in Hematopoetic Stem Cells
Lakshmi Swamy University of Georgia Dr. Lincoln Stein The Mining of Miniature Inverted-Repeat Transposable Elements in Rice
Christopher Wilson Kalamazoo College Dr. Roberto Malinow Involvement of spontaneous activity in the phosphorylation of GluR1/4 by PKA