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CSHL faculty Endeavor Awards: Cancer changes the whole body

photo of Semir Beyaz and Tobias Janowitz
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Fellow Semir Beyaz and Assistant Professor Tobias Janowitz

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Assistant Professor Tobias Janowitz and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Fellow Semir Beyaz are two of The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research’s (MFCR) first-ever Endeavor Awards recipients. The Endeavor Awards were created to unite scientists across diverse areas of expertise with the goal of addressing urgent questions in cancer research.

Janowitz and Beyaz are looking for systemic biological changes in the entire body after cancer develops. The data they collect will be used to develop cancer models for each organ system, which then can be used to predict patient outcomes and treatment responses.

“Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has initiated a major new program in whole body physiology focused on understanding brain-body interactions,” said CSHL President and CEO Bruce Stillman. “An important component of the initiative is to understand how cancer impacts our physiology, and I am very pleased to collaborate with the Mark Foundation via its support of Tobias Janowitz and Semir Beyaz. These investigators have very exciting research programs that will be greatly enhanced with the support of the Mark Foundation.”

“Collaboration is key to success in science,” said Dr. Michele Cleary, CEO of MFCR. “Our funding brings together investigators who are passionate about solving a common problem with very complementary capabilities and expertise that, when deployed together, accelerate the discovery of new knowledge and solutions.”

Written by: Sara Roncero-Menendez, Media Strategist | | 516-367-8455

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