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Foundations for the future

image of the Harbor Transcript Magazine logo Summer 2022 edition
I believe that the interconnectivity of our research and education programs is CSHL’s greatest strength. Combined, they enhance the impact of science conducted on our Long Island campus and, with altruistic purpose, advance life science throughout the world.”

photo of Bruce Stillman
President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Stillman, Ph.D.

Connectivity in research

The physical attributes of the picturesque campus attract the world’s scientists here, but the real draw is deeper. The human interactions catalyzed by the research and education programs make CSHL the absolute center of contemporary life science.”

Fostering collaboration

We seek out promising early-career scientists in the fields of science we think are important for the future. At the same time, we make sure their interests overlap with those of existing faculty. This connectivity is particularly important when we are expanding into new research areas.

Expanding into new research areas

. . . Research on neuronal connectivity is now a new bridge between neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI)… This is the start of a new CSHL NeuroAI Program that will be facilitated by the campus expansion plan.”